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So it's Thanksgiving already! And I've already thanked one of my other friends but I also would like to thank @jiggzy19 for sticking with me throughout the whole Groups That Need More Recognition cards! She's been with me since day one and helped me throughout this whole process!
I'm so thankful for you! I don't know how far I would've gone with the GNMR series without you! I'm glad you approached me about wanting to help! So in honor of it here's a playlist of songs that most of which come from the underrated groups we've posted about!! Thanks again @jiggzy19 !!
GNMR Staff:
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Awww so sweet!!! Such a beautiful card!!! Thank you Erica! We're a great team and I'll stick with you no matter what! \(^o^)/ *hugs* Xoxoxo
You're welcome!!! We've been an awesome team!!!