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Kim Woo Bin is clean-cut in a white button up during his first filming for 'Heirs - Korean Drama' Kim Woo Bin was the next handsome chaebol to make his way onto the set of upcoming SBS drama 'Heirs'! 'Heirs' unveiled the still cuts of Kim Woo Bin shining with his outstanding visuals on the set of his first filming at a wedding hall in Gangnam. Don't be fooled by his dish washing for despite taking on common tasks like regular kitchen employees, Kim Woo Bin actually plays the role of the heir of 'Welcome Resort', Choi Young. The actor looked crisp and clean in his white shirt, making fan girls giddy with excitement for the upcoming drama. Catch some of your favorite actors, actresses, and idols on 'Heirs' which will premiere on October 9! Source: allkpop | http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/09/kim-woo-bin-is-clean-cut-in-a-white-button-up-during-his-first-filming-for-heirs