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Kim Woo Bin Looks Dashingly Handsome in His First “The Heirs” Stills After stills of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye gathered great buzz, new stills from the upcoming SBS drama “The Heirs” featuring another cast member Kim Woo Bin is once again drawing eyes. In the drama written by Kim Eun Sook and directed by Kang Shin Hyo, Kim Woo Bin plays an heir to the Welcome resort, Choi Young Do, who possesses a cold charisma. Kim Woo Bin’s first day of filming was on August 16 at a wedding hall located in Gangnam. The stills show Kim Woo Bin dressed in a clean white shirt and suit pants, an outfit and look that stand out against the background of the kitchen. Kim Woo Bin is seen washing the dishes, an unexpected action considering his status. The word from the set is that Kim Woo Bin was able to smoothly go back and forth between his cold drama character and his usual smiley self, showing his growing acting skills. One phrase used to describe him was “a black hole of charm.” Take a look at the pictures for yourself to see if you too will be sucked in too. The drama is set to premiere October 9 with a run of 20 episodes. Cre Link: http://www.soompi.com/2013/09/11/kim-woo-bin-looks-dashingly-handsome-in-his-first-the-heirs-stills/
handsome in white