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Uee of After School revealed that she had expected a love line with either of her “Barefoot Friends” costars, “Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Shi Yoon.” Uee appeared on an episode of “Hwashin” as one of the guests and talked about how she was not very popular with male celebrities because she lacked aegyo. She told the MCs, “Am I that scary? Male celebrities have never contacted or approached me.” The MCs then asked her about her regular appearance on the variety show “Barefoot Friends,” and if she ever thought about forming a love triangle with her similar aged cast members, Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Shi Yoon. Uee explained, “At first I also expected a love line like Song Ji Hyo and Gary‘s on ‘Running Man.’ But then after we rode a plane together and they got to know my true self, it became impossible to form a love line with anyone. From the first night the male cast members would even take off their shirt in front of me like it was nothing.” what do u think :D for me i dont want her to come neer kim hyun joong and i will be fine :D
@anushaillukk yea i saw that ep but i hope he will stay on that i dont love her :D maybe with other girl i will be satisfied but not uee
oppa himself told in beafoot friends , on the day they went to water fall at hills that UEE is not his type. what a relief :D
@anushaillukk hahahaa w all dont want her come neer oppa :d
KHJ oppa wont like her. she is a witch. oppa knows good girls
pls dnt come near to our oppa KHJ
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