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@MattK95 Came up with The Awesome idea to make a Card Dedicated to our Bestie for Thanksgiving, so I'm Making a Card completely dedicated to my Best Friend Lex. A.k.a @P1B2Bear so Lex, here's a little Bit of Bias spam for you, and then I have a Surprise at the end. I hope you like it. 😊
Oh Look! It's my Brother-in-Law! 😊 and he wants to see you, Mrs. Kim Minseok. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Just a Bunch of Random Bias Spam. πŸ˜‰
And how could I ever forget to Add Eomma Jin. He wants to cook a meal for you this thanksgiving. πŸ˜‰
And Now For your Surprise. Here's a short little fanfic I made for you. I hope you like it.

Not Alone.

Written by: Erin Nicole. Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romantic. Rating: PG. some content may be disturbing to Young Readers. You're walking in the forest alone at night in the Snow. Walking home after a long day. You are Frightened because it's in the the Middle of the night in a Dark forest. you have nothing in your Possession. All of the sudden, You hear a Growl in the distance. "He...Hello?" You asked while shaking. You continue to Walk home while looking around. You tremble with fear as you continue to you hear the Growl again. You stop in your Tracks, and Try to Crouch down so Nothing can see you, and all of the sudden, you see Glowing Eyes in the distance. And you hear the Growl again. Fear Strikes you as the Glowing eyes Emerge from the Darkness. He gets Closer, and Closer. Out of the Darkness Steps an Angry Wolf. He's Snarling his teeth as he Growls at you. From behind him, steps a Whole pack of wolves from the Distance. They all Circle you, and You feel hopeless. You have nothing to fight them off with. You see a Rock on the ground. You grab the Rock, and Throw it at the First Wolf's Head. The Wolf is not hurt by the Rock. It just makes him more Angry. The Wolf Pounces on top of you. As he Gets ready for the Kill. All of the sudden, you hear a Man's Voice in the Distance. "HEY! BACK AWAY FROM HER!!!" He shouts. You turn to look at the man but you can't see his face because He's wearing a Hood. The wolf then turns his attention towards the Man, and He Lunges towards the man to attack him. The Man Holds up his hand and Ice Forms around the Wolf. The Wolf Goes Completely Stiff, And he Falls dead to the Ground. Meanwhile, the Other wolves have you Surrounded. you're trapped. Very Calmly, The Man Approaches you. The Man starts Shouting at them to get their attention. And it gets full attention from the wolves. They all stop in their tracks and stare at him. The wolves start to growl at him, and they walk closer to him. Another wolf Lunges to attack him. The man isn't fazed he Takes his hand and swipes his Hand turning the Wolves to Ice and Trowing them against Trees. The Tree causes the wolves to Shatter in Pieces. At this point, you're terrified of him. You lie on the Ground trembling with fear. The Man starts approaching you. "Stop! Don't come any Closer!" You scream. You hold your hands in front of your face. He stands over you. "It's okay, They can't hurt you. You're safe now." He says in a Gentle, sweet voice. You uncover your face to look at him, and he Pulls off his hood. You stare at him, and you look into his Beautiful eyes. He looks at your Arm where the wolf had Scratched you. "They hurt you!" He Exclaimed. He Makes a Bandage of Old torn Cloth, and Wraps it around your arm. "I'm Xiumin." He told you. "You've got a Name?" He asks. "My name is Lex." You shyly Respond. "That is such a Beautiful name." He says Sweetly. You smile at him. And at that moment you two Stare into each other's eyes, That you know that two were meant to be. "You look Cold." He Says as he put his hand on your face to feel how cold you are. Xiumin Takes off his Coat and Wraps it around you. He Wraps his Arms around you to keep you warm. As You're in his arms, you feel so Safe and secure with him. He Builds a Fire and Continues to Hold you in his arms. Xiumin Gently Takes your Head and Leans you against his chest as he Strokes your hair. "It's gonna be okay. I'll take care of you." He whispers in a Soft Gentle tone. And you two live Happily ever after. The End.
Sorry it's so short. I didn't have a lot of time to write, sorry if it's not any good. I tried. I hope you like it. 😊
I'm very Thankful to have you as my Best friend. Happy Thanksgiving to My Twinsie for the Winsie and my Bestie for the Restie! *Josh's Voice* HUG ME SISTA!!!! ❀️ I Love you, Bestie!
And I'm also Thankful for all of you guys! Tagging My Friends: @Junhwanbae92 @imiebegay14 @AmberRelynn @KiinLyr @salo @Eli20 @JackieG1617 @jjrockstar @Namjoonsbutt @LoverofKpop @Dreemer13 @SimplyAwkward Let me know if you would like to be added to my Taglist.
IM GONNA GET YOU FOR THIS! IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO! *crys in gibberish* awabba wabbs wabba
Uh-oh. 😧 Red Alert! *Runs for my Life*
Happy Turkey Day! πŸ˜‚
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