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This seems like it would be funny! I loooooove Chanyeol, so I definitely have to watch this!!!! Also, Seohyun from Girl's Generation is in it!! I really liked her acting in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, so I can't wait to see her in this. :)
it's on drama fever now! I've watched it 3 times ...minus the time in Chicago lol...I love the movie so muxh
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@SugaKookieV I saw it on there, but for some reason, the video isn't there. :/ It only shows the description and the reviews.
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ok just checked it should still be viewable...are you a platinum member? I think as long as you pay something you get to watch movies...I pay to have no adds so maybe that's why
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@sinisterbangel what noooo...I'd be mad if they took I down already
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@SugaKookieV So is it actually taken down?
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ok good lol
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