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It's been about a year since I have been here on Vingle and I'd like to give a HUGE SUFFOCATING HUG to all of you! Whether I like your cards, comment or clip them I appreciate all the smiles and laughs you have all given to me this past year. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–
Thank you to the mods who create events for all of us to participate in, to the fictionists who make all the sweet and sometimes steamy stories I love to indulge in. To the peeps who make informative cards about new groups, to the ones who just like to spam us with heart stopping pictures.πŸ˜…
Thank you to the people who keep us informed about what's happening in the kpop world with news, comebacks, album reviews, collabs, and so much more. πŸ™πŸ» Thank you to the wonderful people I have worked with as a mod supporter! πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ»
And thank you to all the people I have meet and stayed connected with this whole time. We can collectively fangirl together over korean men slaying our lives lol πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Squad, you know I love you! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ LITMONBE SQUAD: @KpopQueenabee @JohnEvans @Vatcheeafandi99 @IsoldaPazo @Vkookie47 @HerosBells @StefaniTre @MonUnicorn @PrettieeEmm @vixxstarlight1 @nicolefirerose But mostly thank you to all the people who want me to tag them on my BTS cards and comment or like them because it makes me happy to see that what I post can make your day even a bit better. With the help of our seven favorite precious memeable idiots put a smile on your face πŸ˜ƒ INFIRES MANNNNN πŸ˜†πŸ”₯
Happy Thanksgiving ARMY!!! may we all get food comas and make mama Jin proud by stuffing our faces delicious food! πŸ˜‹πŸ½ I'm mentally sending Jin a plate of food, hopefully he gets it in the jungle! Bulletproof Team @VKookie47 @PrettieeEmm @StefaniTre @amobts @SimplyAwkward @PrincessUnicorn ARMY's @NaughTAE @staceyholley @VeronicaArtino @ChelseaAustin @SaiT @Emealia @sarahdarwish @herreravanessa9 @DestinaByrd @AlloBaber @LaynicornLay @PrincessUnicorn @RihannaTiaMay @KatieRussell @SugalessJams @ILikeHisFace123 @heidichiesa @SugaOnTop @katiems @DesireeChucklez @jaebug @moonchild03 @terenailyn @xsandos17 @SugaKookieV @11erinmims @kpopandkimchi @JinsPrincess86 @Tigerlily84 @PrettieeEmm @byeolbit @ChelseaJay @KellyOConnor @poojas @VixenViVi @StephanieDuong @KDramaKPop1015 @MadAndrea @VIPforever123 @fallchild @solodaywithB1A4 @SimplyAwkward @MorleeCorielus @JaxomB @ARMYStarlight @luna1171 @AgentLeo @Roxt1903 @amandamuska @GDsGF @amobts @sherrysahar @kpopdeluxegirl @CheyenneJesse @KaceyDodge @MyaIsNotSexy @Qilin94 @DeniseiaGardner @abiersack666 @Taehyungkey @BtsIsLife @Bitterlimelight @KpopQueenaBee @Rhia @Kieuseru @sherrysahar @VIPFreak2NE1 @yewookyu @Kyokeo @JohnEvans @taetaebaozi @RainaC3 @MonUnicorn @terenailyn @LilySilver @KpopGaby @heidichiesa @KeziahWright @Dabaesaplayer @ShimJooKyung @SamanthaRae19 @DawanaMason @destiny1419 @AlloBaber @SugalessJams @ninjamidori @PrettieeEmm @JadeOwens @Helixx @Dabaesaplayer @Ercurrent @KwonOfAKind @JasminMartinez @torchix @jessicacheung97 @MandyNoona @jaykook @HarperKennett @DawanaMason @btsgotshinee @AdiaJasinski @shisuschrist @SugaMint @KokoroNoTakara @saraortiz2002 @tinathellama @wordlesseyes @ChelseaGarcia @externallyeli @imahurrucane @amberg171997 @ArmyofKookie @JordanShuler @SunshineChang @tazneemhinnawl @mrsjeon @NancyVongvilay @LexiMintkgtopty @kpopbunny9 @ManaiaPio @LizaNightshade @clstap1 @Defy24601 @Chocolat09 @KaiJae @Dalicity @BetseyBleau @IsoldaPazo @LinnyOk @AnnieGoodman @DasiaB @GossamoKewen95 @Vay754 @gigiandviking @deeeDUH @maddsanzen @kristendmh @Mogu @PolarStarr @resavalencia @zlklrn @SweetDuella @SNBlackRose @KiinLyr @hayoungforever @MRich @KarenGuerra93 @TracyLynnn @AlenaSegura @KierstinAndrews @Badtz @cagonzalez9696 @VickyLe @sugakookies95 @tayamay1232 @luvella18
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