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^_^ Are you ready for it @AaliyahNewbell Just for you .. #TeamJongup!
“Liyah are you even paying attention?” His voice called my attention away from the falling cherry blossom scattered all around. “Hmm, What was that Oppa?” I mumbled turning to look into his icy eyes. “I was saying we should leave soon so we have time to go eat.” He sighed clearly not enjoying himself. “Jb oppa, I told you to eat before coming.” I grumbled looking away as my eyes landed on the last person I wanted to see. “On second thought, maybe we should leave, Oppa. Like right now.” I quickly stuttered trying shove Jaebum in the opposite direction.
“What happened Liyah?” He started to question, just before his eyes narrowed, landing on the one person neither of us wanted to see. “Jb Hyung! Liyah!!!” His voice rang out as he took off in a sprint to catch us. “Jongup-ssi.” Jaebum spat not trying to hide his annoyance. “H-Hi J-Jongup Oppa.” I mumbled, unable to glance his way. “Just the people I was hoping to run into!” He beamed brightly as his friends finally caught up. “Yah! Don't go running off like that! Oh Hi Liyah!” Sam Unnie started to go off until she noticed me standing off to the side.
“What, no hi for me Noona?” Jaebum snickered earning a glare from Unnie. “Not until you start acting nicer to my Dongsaeng.” She smirked looking between the 3 of us. “Yah! Youngjae, you said you were hungry right? Why not take Jaebum to go get some food.” She snickered as Youngjae quickly took hold of Jb pulling him along.
“Wait we were..” I tried to say looking towards where Jaebum was once standing. “ Unnie what are you doing now?!” I whined looking towards her speculating what she had planned. “Who me? Absolutely nothing Liyah my dear. But on that note Oppa, Daehyun, and I are being forced to go over to Sails house for whatever reason. Enjoy your date with Jongup-ssi!” She smirked linking her arms into Yongguk's and Daehyun's as they skipped away. “Yah! What do you mean date?!!!” I shrieked looking towards where Unnie was once standing.
“Liyah do you not want to be around me?” Jongup Oppa mumbled looking away towards the fallen blossoms. “Oppa it isn't like that.. I just.. I get nervous..” I mumbled barely audible causing his ears to twitch. “I'm Sorry what was that?” He smirked invading my bubble. “You heard me.” I spat unable to look towards him, as heat rose to my cheeks. “I did.” He beamed quickly lacing his fingers into mine.
“Let's go towards the river the cherry blossoms there are heavenly.” He smirked pulling me along after him. “Oppa...” I mumbled unable to protest. “Don't worry, I will behave. I want to win your heart, fair and square.” He smiled looking off in the distance with a peaceful look dancing on his beautiful face. “Oppa?” I questioned his sudden change in mood as he only smiled leading me towards his favorite spot.
Bye bye Jb enjoy your date ^_^
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Sam, why are you with BangDae?😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 Liyah, annyeong😏
Something about being forced to go to your place 😅😅😅😅😅
😂😂😂😂 No wonder you're in trouble with Liyah
😂😂😂😂 and now sail