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It seems like everyone is trying to break into the acting business these days! Now, upcoming stars not only have to compete with veteran actors, but K-pop idols as well. This year, especially, we've seen a huge influx of idols trying their hand at acting. While not everyone has what it takes to act, here are five actor-idols that pulled off impressive performances. 1) miss A's Suzy Whether you love her or hate her, it's impossible to deny that Suzy has made a splash -- no, more like a tsunami -- in the Korean acting scene. A member of miss A, Suzy first showed off her acting skills in Dream High alongside Kim Soo Hyun. From there, her career took off, allowing her to star in a multitude of dramas and even a movie! At this point, it's difficult to tell whether she's more of an actress or an idol! 2) Super Junior's Siwon Siwon has displayed pretty good acting skills throughout his time as an actor. However, the main reason he made this list was for being one of the first idols-turned-actors. Upon stepping up to the plate for acting, he received some backlash from fans for spending too much time away from his group, Super Junior. Even today, many fans ask if he's simply going to leave and become an actor. Fortunately, it seems the Super Junior star is content both acting and performing. 3) Girls' Generation's Sooyoung Sooyoung really came out of nowhere...and we're glad she did! Although she had played small cameo roles before, her real rise in popularity came with her supporting role in The Third Hospital. After receiving many positive reviews -- even being deemed "the best actress in Girls' Generation" by co-actor Oh Ji Ho -- Sooyoung managed to gain a lead role in Dating Agency: Cyrano where she put on a surprisingly impressive performance. 4) Apink's Eunji Apink's Eunji had already been known for her bubbly, adorable personality thanks to the variety shows she's appeared in. However, Apink's lead singer showed she had more to offer than just variety when she starred alongside Seo In Guk in Answer Me 1997. After the drama received rave reviews, Eunji not only gained much fame for herself, but for her whole group as well. Following her successful run, she also managed to land a supporting role in That Winter, the Wind Blows. 5) CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa Yonghwa made his acting break with the extremely popular, You're Beautiful. In the drama, he played the lead guitarist of the show's band. He couldn't have chosen a more perfect role, seeing as he's the lead singer of K-pop band, CNBLUE. By showing off his adorable side, Yonghwa managed to capture the hearts of many viewers, adding to his already large fanbase from CNBLUE. Although we haven't heard from him since Heartstrings, you can look forward to his impending comeback in the new drama, Future Choice. Is your favorite idol-actor missing from the list? Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments section!
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how about "Jeremy" Lee Gon Ki from ft island? has he done any other dramas besides You're Beautiful?