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Honestly, I don't know how to start this.. aaah lol

This girl is honestly such a great person, so I didn't want this day to pass with out telling her I'm grateful for not just having met her through here but also the fact of gaining a dongsaeng~
I think by now you probably know who I'm talking about...
or maybe not Hahaha

But I'll give you a hint~

These eyes belong to one of your main crushes...
And No I'm not talking about Crush...
Or am I? Hahaha

Okay, I'll give you a second hint...

This back belongs to your bias... haha
You still don't know?

Oh okay, this card is dedicated to my dongsaeng @xxchicharitoxx ~

Thank you dongsaeng for hearing me out and actually being one of the main people I have gotten close to through Vingle~
I'm not very good at these things.. and you know that.. lol
But know that I'm very thankful for all the times we fangirled about our biases, talked about our personal life, or tried to encourage each other through hard times...
Also, know that I will always be here for you as an eonni or a chingu~
I think I've told you that a lot.. haha But I just don't want you to forget and let you know that I'm serious when I say that you can reach out when ever.
This is turning to cheesy so I'll stop here :)

Hope you eat a lot today and sleep well Natty~

Right, Jooheon,

Zion T and Crush,

Bobby and Xiumin~ ^^ ♡

Hope you get well soon dongsaeng~ :) Thanksgiving Event Here.. Thank you @MattK95 for this amazing event idea!