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Hi Hi!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! hope everyone is having a great day today!!! I have a chapter for you all too! lol I didn't want to miss a day, this chapter mostly revolves around Keri going to Mel's mother and Mel coming in. there is of course mentions of Yoongi but thought you'd all be curious as to what would be happening. :)
Keri's view*** I went to her mothers house the next day, which actually was Mel's house too, she still lived at home. Their big house had a gate at the front that I had to get buzzed in. It always intimidated me to come Here for some reason. Mel's mother answered the door.  Her mother was half american half Korean and had pale skin, she also had lots of botox which made her look stiff and like a statue. "Hi Mami!" I greeted her using a nickname for mom specifically for her. "Keri Darling what brings you here so early" she smiled at me. That red smile of hers plastered on her face. "Mel is still sleeping upstairs, she came in late last night" she said as I walked into her house. "Oh that's okay, I actually came to see you Mami" I told her. "Oh you are so sweet" she said. We sat down and started a conversation. She started a conversation about what she has been doing with her fund raising and her projects as we sat in the living room. I laughed with her and was comfortable talking to her as she went on. "Tell me how is that hobby of yours going? Still writing?" She asked. "Yes, I actually just turned in a finished book and started writing another mystery novel" I told her. "That's nice, tell me have you finally got a boyfriend" she winked at me "Or do I need to arrange something for you too?" "For me too?" I was confused but shook my head, I'll think on that later I told myself. "Actually I do have someone" I smiled. "Oh that's wonderful, I am so happy to hear that. I was afraid I would see no grand babies from you while I lived." She laughed. "Woah um I'm definitely not that far along with him, I've barely been with him for a month" I said. "Oh do tell" she leaned closer. "his name is Yoongi and he's a musician" I started. I told her about Yoongi. She smiled and nodded her head. "It looks like he may just be suited for you, since he's busy with work and you get busy writing. You two are still able to see each other though" she sighed happy. "Well the last few days I haven't and there was something really bad that happened" I winced, this was the hard part. "What happened" she said sounding concerned she reached out and patted my hand. "Well I don't know what's come over Mel, I think she's mad I'm spending so much of my time with him but she's been trying to get him to break up with me" I hedged. Okay I wasn't a total fool to tell her mom right out what she was doing to Yoongi. all the things that he was going through because of Mel. "What! Oh that girl. She continually is out finding boys and when her friend gets one she goes and gets envious" Mami sounded angry. "Tell me dear what has my daughter been doing?" She asked a little to sweetly. I told her how she was messing with him but didn't go into details. After that she excused herself and then I heard yelling upstairs. A moment later Mami came down stairs again with a smile on her face. "She'll be down in just a moment dear" mami said. "Um okay" I shifted uncomfortable. "Oh that girl I don't know what I will do with her. At least I'm marrying her off soon" she said. "Mami, what do you mean marrying her off?" I finally asked. My curiosity getting the better of me. "That spoiled brat has been rebeling for years now but not this time. I have a man in store for her that won't put up with her little girl tantrums when she doesn't get her way" there was a wicked look in her eye.  Oh that was scary. "So you have an arranged marriage set up for her? When did this happen?" I asked. "I've been trying to get them together for months now but she kept slipping and saying she was already seeing someone" she said. But if she's meddling in your love life I highly doubt she has one of her own" mami said. "What are you doing here Keri?" Mel asked coming into the room. She was dressed in a tank top and shorts and looked like she was hung over. "I came to talk to mami about you meddling in my love life" I told her straight up. Mel scoffed. "What love life? Oh is that guy still with you?" She played like she had no clue. "Young lady that is no way to talk to Keri. Of course that boy isn't leaving her. Keri you are a sweetheart any man would be happy to be with you" mami said sweetly to me and Mel Scoffed. "Yes sure" mel said. All of a sudden Mami turned to her daughter and gave her a death glare. "As for you young lady. You will pretty yourself up and put a smile on as I take you to meet your fiance" she told her daughter. "What!" Mel screamed "I'm not getting married. I'm never going to marry who you pick for me mother!" She screeched. "If you do not then I suppose I'll stop your allowance and no more with your late nights out" a wicked gleam took her mothers eye "and I may contact my sister and send you to her if you won't obey" she added. Mami's sister lived in the states. Wow. I think this had more to do with mami digging her claws into her daughter to go through with this arranged marriage then messing with me. "Ugh I hate you" Mel screeched. "Wear that pretty blue dress darling" her mother said When mel left I sat there uncomfortably. "I hope when she meets Eric he will take her and put a leash on her. She won't cause anymore boy trouble after that" her mother said.
Now pictures of Yoongi!!!! lol He's just being so cute! Omo bet no one saw that happening lol Mel gets the option of arranged marriage or being sent of to the U.S lol That's a tough choice on what to do with her. But I do love the mother lol she was just very strict and staring at her daughter going your acting up what can I do to get you out of here. Lol I hope you liked the chapter.
I like Mel's mom
scary! i like it lol
whooooo so many Eric's! I wonder which one this one is! yoh but Mami is straight up korean mafia over there hahaha good going mel! keep it up!
Eric? As in Eric Nam? Lol jk
I love it!!!!!! now let's see what happens next
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