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That's how I reacted at least. Because DAMN, Jin has come so far and this song is basically a testimony of his journey.
Me, being the hardcore Jin stan I am, went checked out the lyrical version ASAP. ....guys if you haven't already check it out above. (yes I cried)
It's not that I believe you I'm just trying to withstand Because what I can do Is only this ***** But it's my fate It's my fate Even so I want to struggle Maybe I can never fly Like those flower petals there Wings, like other things, are impossible Maybe I, I can't touch the sky But even so, I want to stretch out my hand I want to try to run, just a little more ***** Even so, I clutch six flowers in my hand I'll only be walking
These lyrics were like a punch in the gut when I first saw them. But not exactly in a bad way. Jin knew he started off with not the best vocals or the best dance skills but even so he kept pushing himself, improving himself; desperately trying to catch up with the other members. This song proves though...this proves that Jin has come out the shadows and into the spotlight with the rest of BTS. Jin teaches a lesson in this song that has applied to all of us at one point in our life. And its a pretty simple lesson to grasp:

Don't Give Up.

I love the emotion you can feel from listening to him singing in this song. I love him and just want him happy and for him to feel appreciated and loved 💕
I love Jin. He was my first love and we're both Sagittarius so we're emotional but hide it. I'm so proud of him