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6. What do I like about Chopper?

MY BOY CHOPPER! no lie when I had seen pictures of him before seeing the anime I didn't think he's voice was going to be soooo squeaky hahah I was expecting a bit of a deeper voice lol I don't know why hahah but yeah other than that I started liking him ones he started transforming into he's other forms! I thought he looked so badass! and He is the greatest DOCTOR IN THE WORLD FOR ME :) Also he's story arc when they introduced him and showed he's back story :( it got me all teary lol so sad.... But still a very cool and funny Character! SIDE NOTE! [ This one is from yesyerday lol sorry guys I was busy yesterday lol s im doing chopper and the next one on the list! ]
To me this form was rally cool and also when he turned Buff! hahah But my favorite one would have to be the giant one!

Dancing like a BOSS!