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Since you Guys liked my last Card "10 things I do because of being Namjoon Biased" so much, I decided to come back with another one since I have two Ultimate Biases. so Here you guys go.

1. I call him Gummy Bear.

my Nickname for him is Gummy Bear because of his Gummy Smile, and his Sweet Personality. I will never see Gummy Bears the Same again. one time, me, My mom and My dad were at a Store, and my Mom got a Bag of Gummy Bears, and she shouts in front of my Dad "ERIN LOVES GUMMY BEARS!" and then she looks at me and winks. lol I was so embarrassed, I wanted to Bury my Head in the sand like an Ostrich.

2. I say "Chyeah" All the Time!

I am not kidding. I say "Chyeah!" Literally all the time. I've heard my dad say "watch out, If You hear her say chyeah, She is Serious!" lol Actually though, I don't just use it when I'm Angry, I use it when I'm Excited or just talking Normal. I've used it in front of Stangers before, No Lie. By accident though. lol

3. I compare all Attractive Men to him.

Even though, Namjoon is also My ultimate bias, and I love him to Death, Yongguk is My Ideal type. Even before I saw him for the First time, I dreamed of Marrying a Man like him. Yongguk is My DREAM MAN! Yongguk is the kind of Man I've Dreamed of Marrying since I started even Liking Boys, so now Everytime I see a Guy I think is attractive, I usually think "He reminds me of Yongguk." or "He kinda looks like Yongguk.'

4. I would Trust him with my Life.

What I mean by this is I always hear people say he's Scary, and I'm Like "WHAT?" what is Scary about Yongguk? he may look a little intimidating in B.A.P MVs, but he's just playing a Character. he would never shoot anyone, he would Never Rob Money, He's not a Gangster. he's just playing a Character, I'll tell you this about the Real Yongguk, he's The Sweetest man on this Planet. Yongguk Wouldn't hurt a Fly, and if he did, He would've Hurt the Fly by accident, and he would feel really bad. he would Probably apologize to him, and arrange a little Funeral for him and even bury him. okay, Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, But that's just to give you a little example of What a Big Caring Heart Yongguk Has. I promise you that Yongguk is not scary. he's Just as sweet and as precious as he can be.

5. I associate Tigger with him.

Growing up, I was always a Huge Winnie the pooh fan. I never missed any of the movies, I had the books, tv series, T-Shirts, stuffed animals, you Name it. anyway, Tigger was always my Favorite. I had a Stuffed Tigger that I would Carry around everywhere I went. well, For those who don't know about Yongguk, I'll tell you this about him...THAT BOY LOVES TIGGER. he carries a Stuffed tigger everywhere he goes. well, Now I Associate Tigger with Yongguk, and if I go into a Store and I see something with Tigger, I instantly Think about Yongguk.

6. I cry when he's Hurting.

I've got to be honest, I haven't been taking this news about his Panic attack disorder very well. it's Not the fact that he wasn't there to promote the Comback, but The Fact That He's been going through this, I've been crying so much about it, I know that my Hubby is Strong, but I can't stand seeing him hurt like this. He's been through so much. and it just worries me. I even had a dream about him the other night where he was Trapped inside a Truck, and a Cannibalistic Giant was Trying to eat him. I woke up Crying from the dream. I have a Hard time listening to his song "4:44 AM" because You can just hear his Pain poured into the song that does not need an English translation because you can just feel the Pain in his Voice, and it breaks my heart to see him Hurting.

7. I Love watching him with Kids.

He's just so Good with kids, and I think it's just the sweetest thing ever to see him interact with Children. even though, sometimes, I say stuff like "I Never Want kids!" or "I'm Never Gonna Have Kids!" when I see Yongguk with Children, It changes my mind about not ever having kids because I would Want to see him Be a Good, Loving Father to my Children.

8. I am IN LOVE with his voice.

UGH, HIS VOICE!!! SO SEXY!!! SO DEEP!!! For those who don't know this about me, Deep Voices are my Weakness! I've Got a Serious Thing for Deep voices. He has one of the Deepest Voices I've ever heard, and It Gives me Goosebumps. Just...Ahhhhhh!!!

9. I Love it when People think he's my Boyfriend.

People Legit think That Bang Yongguk is My Boyfriend. I have a selfie of him next to a Selfie of mine set as my Profile on Facebook, even Men were putting likes on the Photo because they thought Yongguk was My Boyfriend. Yesterday for thanksgiving, we went to My Grandmother's house, and I brought my Favorite Tote Bag with a Huge Pic of Yongguk on it, and My Aunt Literally, and I'm Not Kidding you, Literally Thought Yongguk was My Boyfriend.

10. "I Need you" is the Death of me.

in B.A.P's Song "1004 (Angel)" There's a Pause in the beginning of the song where Yongguk Whispers in a Deep sexy Tone "I Need You." no matter how many Times I listen to that song, that Part will always get me. my Mom laughs whenever the song comes on because she said she loves to watch my Reaction whenever he says it. My mom says "Your Husband Is talking to you!" or sometimes she'll say "Go to Korea and Rescue my Son-in-Law!"
well, Those are only Ten of the things I do because Yongguk is my UB.

what are some things you do Because of Your Bias?

you can let me know in the comments.

if you want, I can start this as a Series, and Ask you guys questions about what people's Habits are because of who their bias is. let me know if you'd like me to continue making these. :)
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all those reasons you listed are why I bias Yongguk too xD I also love how strong of a leader he is and how caring he can be. On the flip side I love his stage presence and his voice!!!! He's too perfect.
Ikr? πŸ˜„ He's just perfection! 😍😍😍
love this series πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Thank You, Lex. πŸ€—