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A topic has come to my attention by veteran user @SimplyAwkward that I have noticed and I'd like to throw my 2 cents into the fray as it were and if I may. That topic is


Apparently most user's have become delicate little flowers who only want their opinions shared and thus get into arguments over a sensitive subject or matter they find to be offensive to them and their beliefs. This is a shame honestly as when I first joined not to long ago there was a wealth of friendship and conversation to be had on both fronts. I would read fanfics and the others would Respect my criticism, I would disagree with a post topic and the owner of the card as well as others would have a conversation/debate about our feelings never and argument where we attacked someone else's beliefs or personal being. I understand that it is not everyone who does this and there are plenty of users who do not engage in this childish manner however it seems there are plenty who do. I have also mentioned my feelings about these individuals in previous cards and my feelings on the matter are as such.
I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! >:( If your salty about something you can take your rude attitude elsewhere. Also my opinion or stance will never change because that's how I feel about something if a major anime sucks and everyone else loves it I'm telling you why it sucks. Your not Special (unless you found the cure for cancer...then your like a pretty big deal, or figured out world peace cuz I just can't) your not some fragile snowflake please realize this and grow up. (Not balls I don't wanna assume gender xD) Now none of this means I'll be mean or rude to anyone flat out as I'm a really nice guy who is friendly to most and considers others opinions and accepts criticism, and if I've offended you please in a calm manner let me know how as I will avoid doing so in the future and will graciously apologize. However that doesn't mean I'm going to roll over and show the other cheek either. If you're rude or take shots at other Vinglers I will fire right back, because this once was a friendly community to most it even seemed like a "safe space" where one could connect to others who liked similar things they did and not be judged for what they liked, enjoyed, or participated in. It seems like Vingle has changed to become a different Facebook (which REALLY shows in most people's post and it's REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING!) where some choose to be in a bubble of "their right" and everything outside said bubble is "your wrong". This kind of Vingle isn't one that's a community but rather a "with us or against us" platform which wouldn't benefit anyone and could even damage one's outlook on a particular series or genre as they won't intake feedback rather repel it and only accept their beliefs. I'd love to see more people spark conversation and debate with each other. Sure I see the love other Vinglers have for each other but more often than not I also see people who don't even bother with talking to others and instead only respond to those who agree with them deleting anyone against them it's a shame really.
Well I'm totally going to kickback and watch to see if the Vingle (specifically anime related) community collapses on itself or if it'll flourish returning to it's ways of old. I don't have a tag list so if anyone who sees this feels like sharing it please do as I'd love to know anyone else's opinions on this. Thanks for reading and you have a good day :3
You have all of the kids playing a dating game, and I commented on the card that it was a bad idea. I subsequently got blocked by the poster of the card and said immature game. Oh well, kids do some dumb shit I guess, seems like they don't want to listen to reason
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Under games, user name taekookimonster
but I agree nonetheless in general terms .3.
Damn i've missed a lot
I am slowly thinking of leaving vingle if it goes down the toilet because I'm sick and tired of fan wars and seeing ships that I hate (NARUSAKU) on my feed like seriously can we all just get along for once in our lives and not act like we're fucking five year olds because I have family at that age and they're mature
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Yeah it's really irritating like I was pissed when a ship I wanted didn't sail when others staunchly defended against it I just got over it and accepted what was reality. I think people just get to sensitive and they make mountains out of molehills.