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안녕하세요! Today I'm going to teach you guys how word structure works! The way a word works is simple, but is something you should understand. When you speak a word, you know how to pick out syllables. But do you know how to pick one out in Korean?
커피- Coffee How the syllables work is 커 is one syllable and 피 is the second syllable for this word. The way it's set up is like a block. I'll use a word where you can see it better.
온도- Temperature Do you see the block? It's just like a square. 온 is one syllable while 도 is the second. So how do you read these?
택시-Taxi The way you read these are simple, but I can understand how you'd get confused. I had a friend where it was clicking different in her mind and she was reading them all wrong. You read like you would in English -left to right. It's just you go to the letter below as well. So for 택시, You'd read 태 then have to go to the ㄱ at the bottom which my friend would forget sometimes.
In the next card, I'll help you, understand the way sentence structure works!
Comment a korean word mentioned in this card below to practice typing!
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