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BTS sub-units that I want to happen in the future!💖
I just been thinking about it all day lol. BigHit please make some of these sub-units happen!!! ㅠㅠ



Suga & Rap Monster This would be a dope ass sub unit!! SugaMon are similar in a way. I feel like their style with music is the same. Not only they can rap good, but I can see them singing too which would make it golden! :) They would probably make hip-hop, R&B ish songs right?!


V & J-Hope VHope sub unit would be amazing because with V's beautiful, deep, soulful voice and J-Hope's smooth, cool, catchy, and lit rap, it would totally fit well!! I can see them making R&B ish ballad, or upbeat type of music.


Jimin & Jungkook Well two beautiful voices put together can make magic! Definitely those high notes!! Make a mf cry! lol I can see JiKook making upbeat, EDM, ballad, pop, & maybe R&B type of music.


Yoongi & Jimin Yoongi raps so passionately and it's deep; Jimin's voice is very powerful and heaven sent :) Think about it. YoonMin is going to sound like lovers! oh wait.. they are lovers :)♡ Idk it looks like would make any kind of music??? lol


Namjoon & Jin Yes, mommy and daddy of BTS ♡ Just know both of their voices put together equals love! With Namjoon's sexy voice & Jin's angel like voice... I might cry ㅠ I can see them making R&B music with a little hip hop :) *Just get married damnit :')


V & Jin I chose V and Jin because they have really unique voices. It's very very pretty put together! Deep and soulful + soft and sweet = jaoalzbslaaialahxsyxhshssjxu!♡ lol okay?! I can see them make ballad, pop, and a little EDM type of music.


Suga & J-Hope This would be a very lit sub unit! xD Just looking at SugaHope, all I can think of is swag, swag, and swag!! They're probably, of course make hip-hop music and EDM.

Which Bangtan sub-unit out of the ones I just listed would you like to come true?

If you don't see the sub-unit you want to come true on the list, comment down below who you think should have a sub unit together. *Photos creds to the rightful owners.
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Jikook's sub unit omg😱😍
9 months ago·Reply
all of them but mostly vmin n jimin n yoongi
9 months ago·Reply
Namjoon and suga or v with jhope?
9 months ago·Reply
the only vhope I could think of was his hug me cover
9 months ago·Reply
yoongi and jin!
9 months ago·Reply