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Well I've recently done something I didn't know I could do though I'm glad I can it's interesting nonetheless.

I can remove the cards myself >:D

Well as it turns out I can just remove people's cards who are not up to the standards of the Bleach (Anime) community which is awesome as hell. I'm glad to know being a moderator means I have SOME control as to what happens in the community and now that I know yeah
I'm no longer going to ask I'm just removing it myself. I shall remove the cards myself from now on and message the affected member via message as to why this has been the case. I do appreciate all parties cooperation however please understand why I removed the card and don't get all frantic when I do.
However if you wish to get into a debate over the matter I'd gladly welcome it. Do have a good day I know I will knowing now that I have hand
There are some weird cards though. So I can understand...
Precisely however it's not just the weird cards but as I see it an abuse on the system of tagging in any particular community basically just for views. I would love it if other Mods did this as well as I think the abuse s quite abundant. However most seem to pander to people or just don't care like I do which is unfortunate.
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k then........