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Part: Chapter 8
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Warning: Strong language.
Info: Yoongi x Arlene x Jimin
Arlene's P.O.V:
My heart ached for them. I knew just how they felt about each other, and yet, they couldn't really do much. In public, they couldn't act too close, and at home they were always so tired from practicing or only had a few minutes alone. Sure, Yoongi could get through the day on 3 hours of sleep, but as Jiminie has told me through text before, he needs more than 5.
I watched Yoongi doze off, taking the bottle of Vodka out of his hand. His dark locks messily covered his eyes, and his lips were slightly parted as he slept. Jiminie was still working on his calfs, working his way down to his feet. I simply watched him as he slept peacefully. I knew he would wake up and suffer through another stressful day of practicing.
"You know," Jiminie spoke, tearing me out of my daydream as i stared at Yoongi. "You... can't really stick around much. As much as it pains me to say this, there's a reason that i never saw you in person." Jiminie stood up from the floor, taking a seat to the left of me as Yoongi slept to my right. He looked down at his lap, fumbling with his fingers. I let him sit and collect his thoughts.
"We really do work day in and out. Sometimes we sacrifice meals just to get a dance right, or a note right. Our company isn't a big one, and there aren't many idols representing it, and since we've gained so much popularity, we've become the main face of BigHit. Everything we do represents this company as a whole, because we've brought it, and it's brought us, tons of success."
"He's right," Namjoon called from the kitchen, walking in to sit on the farthest end of the couch. "It isn't that we don't like you, we just have a lot to do. After this comeback though, we'll be taking a break for half a year. Some of us will work on more music, other's will probably collaborate with other artists, and there's also Variety shows, possibly a sub unit. We don't have time for friends..." He trailed off sadily. He didn't need to say anymore. I completely understood, but... there was a way. There's always a way.
"Yoongi-yah," I whispered softly, trying to wake him up. Jiminie quickly covered my mouth with his hand, stopping me in my tracks. Namjoon stared at me with wide eyes, shaking his head cautiously.
"Waking him up... is not a good idea. He straight up almost choked Namjoon to death once for it." He whispered, but i didn't care. I took his hand from my mouth, moving closer to Yoongi's face. I brushed a few strands of his hair away from his eyes and smiled, admiring his peaceful sleep.
"Yoongi-yah," I smiled, shaking his shoulders. His eyebrows drew together and his nose scrunched up. He shifted a bit before opening his eyes slowly.
"Yea... yea yea i'm up what happened?" He groaned, clearly un-aware of where he was for a moment.
"I needed to bring something up to you guys..." I stated, watching his vision clear. Once he realized it was me talking, he nodded for me to continue.
"As you guys know, I'm a writer and a dancer, but... I also write music, choreograph dances for friends, and am a photographer. That's my main job."
"Wait... huh?" Namjoon asked confused. He seemed to think about it for a second and so did Yoongi. Jiminie just played with my hair, leaving the talking up to the three of us.
"That... could work to our benefit." Namjoon stated, looking through his phone for something important.
"Yea, it could. We're not in a big ass company, and don't really have the money to hire many choreographers and writers. Photographers are usually appointed by magazines or shows for us. Other than that, we sometimes take our own professional pictures. Not much anymore, but they're still pretty fucking pricey." Yoongi explained, mostly to himself.
"What if," I began to propose. They both looked at me, waiting for me to continue. "What if BigHit hires me as a choreographer, writer, and photographer-"
"First of all, that's too many damn titles for one person. Second, you, Yoongi-yah and Jimin-ah would be mixing business and pleasure-"
"Yet no one would know." I added. "I'd have to work with you guys more than usual, so it wouldn't raise questions. You wouldn't have to pay me much, as i make enough to live a stable lifestyle, and i can separate business and pleasure."
"How?" Yoongi asked curiously.
"Give me a week," I continued to propose. "Convince them to hire me for a week. A trial week to see how i'll do. I'll prove that i can separate my needs from my actual job. I don't think i ever told you all how much i'd actually like to work with you. I admire all of you and i know that you work extremely hard to produce your own music and dances even-"
"I remember asking you a while ago if you wanted to work for us," Jimine said from behind me. He continued to play with my hair, semi distracted by it. "You said-"
"I said you might feel like i was taking advantage of you. Since i had just met you a month before that conversation, if i had accepted, it would look like i only wanted to work for you because it would be beneficial for me. Like i had an ulterior motive," I interrupted. I leaned my head back, preventing him from continuing to mess with my hair. My thoughts were jumbled... but i continued on as best as i could.
"But now, looking at you and Yoongi-yah... I have something here that i care about and don't want to be parted from. Jiminie you were my only friend. For the past year, I've been alone. Writing... dancing... photographing... all on repeat. Sure, i have some friends that i dance with at the studio, but none of them can keep a conversation with me for more than 5 minutes. I go home along... i wake up alone... i write, sing, dance, and photograph alone. I have all this talent... all this passion... and no one to share it with," I explained as best as i could. I closed my eyes, resting my head against Jiminie's chest. His arm snaked around my hip and he held me.
It was quiet for a while, but i was thankful that all i could hear was his heartbeat and his breathing. It might've been the last time i'd get to for a while...
"I got an email a week ago pertaining to new choreographers. The one's we have are fine, but are starting to break off and do other projects. Same with writers... I don't think you could've come at a better time," Namjoon nodded, agreeing to the plan.
Jiminie dug into my pocket for my phone, quickly retrieving it. He told me to punch in my code, and i did. He pulled up the text messages i exchanged with him, scrolling up to two weeks ago, opening the video i had sent him.
"Here's all the proof you need," he stated, playing the video and turning my phone to face both Yoongi and Namjoon. Namjoon scooted closer and they both took a good look at the dance i made especially for Jiminie.
It was only slightly similar to his solo dance for 'Butterfly.' Yoongi watched critically, while Namjoon grooved along with the music in the backround, his eyes widening at the harder moves.
Once it was finished, Yoongi asked for the specifics.
"It took me 5 days to get the base moves i wanted, and a week to perfect it. I showed it to Jiminie, and he immediately wanted it for a solo project or sub unit. I knew he didn't have time to work on it though." Yoongi and Namjoon nodded.
"Send me the video, and i'll send it to the CEO. If i put in the recommendation, show him this video, and tell him you're a friend of Jiminie's, the answer will most likely be yes." We all nodded as i sent the video to Namjoon's number.
"I don't have work tomorrow, so i'm going to sleep in. let me know what happens and if the CEO needs any more information from me. Goodnight you guys," I said before leaving to go home.
The entire ride back, i couldn't help but think about what i had just done. Of course if this did work, i'd be over working myself, but it would be worth it. I wouldn't be lonely anymore... I'd be able to help write meaningful music, produce stories through dances, and bring more ideas to the table photography wise.
Though, i was always a negative person, and i could only see this blowing up in my face, getting caught in a scandle, and ruining their careers. Though, more than un-likely to happen, this was my train-wreck of thought.