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Alrighty so We had Kai meeting the parents, and Xiumin getting distracted and destroyed we are off onto went a different way but I like it still. Enjoy...
"Ugh why do we have to do this!" Kris groaned. "Because it's different, you lived in America for a while shouldn't you be used to American stuff." I said trying to make some food. "Yea, but doesn't mean I like it." "I hate this why did I say I'd make turkey!" I was getting upset. I should have had someone else make it." "I'll solve this." Kris said and turned off the stove and grabbed my hand. He pulled me towards the door and we got our shoes and jackets on. "What are we doing?" I asked "You know living in Korea we don't have the problem of food places being closed." He smirked at me. "So we're going to eat regular food?" I asked still holding onto his hand as we walked down the street. "Right!" I giggled. "Well then why don't we call the guys?" I asked knowing how he'd react. "No, this is us time." He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around me. "I knew it you love me!" "I do not." He shot back "Yea you do." "No I like you." "Oh if you just like me then I'll go to Lay I'm sure he loves me." I was messing with him now. "No, no one else can like you or love you besides me." I laughed. "See you admit you love me." I poked his cheek. "You know what fine! I love you and no one can have you." "Good!" I kissed his cheek. "I have something for you. I hope you like it." I reached into my pocket of my jacket and pulled out a bracelet. "What's this for?" He asked taking it in his hand. "I wanted to get you something you could wear that remind me of you when we were apart." "Did you get one too?" He asked stopping to put the bracelet on. "No, this is a guy bracelet. I actually went to a jewlery store Cuz I needed a professional opinion. The others kept saying get something with diamonds." "Well thanks for that, I like this a lot. Unexpected but I like it. " He showed off his wrist. It was just a black rope bracelet with a metal clasp. "Your welcome, now let's eat I'm starving then we can go back and clean up the mess I made." I said as we sat down. "I say just throw everything away." "I can't throw the plates away." "I'll buy you new ones." He gave me a toothy smile. That smile of his made me smile right back at him. If I was in America right now I'd be getting ready to stuff my face with turkey...but right at this moment I'm glad I wasn't there celebrating the holiday with family, I was having a normal day with the guy I fell in love with. "(y/n) what are you looking at?" I was staring at Kris just thinking of what could come of us. "Kris, I am never going to celebrate thanksgiving again." "Good that means no more attempt at cooking a giant bird." He laughed which caused me to laugh. That giant bird, I'm so thankful for me not figuring out how to cook it right.
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