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Alright and the last one for this holiday is....Kyungsoo I made @Tigerlily84 wait for this all day...I'm sorry....sorta lol now I'm worried it's not as good as it could be.....
"Ok I got everything on the list." I said walking into the apartment. "Awesome now we can get this ready for tonight." He said from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen with the bags and smiled. I loved seeing him cooking in my kitchen. "When are the guys coming over?" I asked "Not till 6." "Oh good." I finally pulled myself out of the trance he had me in. I set the bags on the counter and pulled the ingredients out. "Alright can you hand me that." He pointed to the vegetable next to me. "Here you go." I handed to him. "Thank you." "Kyungsoo, thank you for doing this with me." I said sitting on the counter. "What cooking?" He said with a light laugh. "Well yes, but thanks for giving me a Thanksgiving. This was going to be my first year not celebrating and I was a bit sad." "Well it's something different. The guys will want to celebrate every year even if it's not a Korean holiday." He looked at me. "Still thank you so much." I leaned over just enough and kissed his forehead and quickly pulled back. "If you want to help make it even better can you make that for me." He pointed to a piece of paper. "Sure." After 30 minutes we had gotten a good portion of food started. We did talk about the holiday itself and what we could do for it. After we got all the sides done and appetizers all we had to do was get changed, and wait for the turkey to finish cooking. During the time of us cooking I watched him closely. I was enjoying this time more than he knew. At 5:30 everyone started showing up. I stuck by Kyungsoo as he finished cooking. "Here I'll help." I said grabbing for the mitts. "(y/n) I got it you get the sides out." He smiled "ok." I reluctantly left him and set the table. "Did Kyungsoo let you cook at all?" I looked at the voice. "Of course he let me cook, I'm not you channie." I smiled "Hey I am a great cook, I'm like 3rd to kyungsoo but I don't burn the house down." He said which caused me to laugh. "(y/n)" Kyungsoo called and I quickly ran into the kitchen. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing, but I hope this American food tastes good." He looked worried. "Babe you did amazing. " I took the plate of turkey in his hand and kissed his cheek as I took the food out to the table. After dinner we talked and goofed like we usually did and then after a short time everyone started leaving. Finally it was just us two again. "Ok let's do the dishes." Kyungsoo said walking to the kitchen. I grabbed his hand. "No ill do it you rest." "But..." "No buts." I forced him to sit on the couch and watch TV as I went into the kitchen and started the dishes. I had only been doing them a short time when I felt his hands wrap around my stomach. He set his head on my shoulder. "Thank you for today, it was fun." "Kyungsoo you made this happen, it wasn't me at all." "You told me about the holiday and the guys and we got excited." "I guess." I continued to do the dishes when he kissed my cheek. "I love you (y/n) Never leave me." With this i stopped doing the dishes and turned around in his arms placing my own hands around his neck. "I love you too, I don't plan on letting you go any time soon." I smiled and kissed his lips.
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