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Ok I have held onto this for a few days wondering when to post...well now it's time to share I hope you all enjoy it...if not please let me know. Click here for last chapter click here for the 1st chapter
Belle woke up in a white room. She looked around. Why was she in the hospital. She sat up. The doctor walked in with her brother. "Oppa!" "Hi Belle, how are you feeling?" He asked ruffling her hair. "My head hurts a bit. What happened?" "You were dancing with a group and slipped and hit your head." her brother said "Oh ok." She didn't think to hard on what happened. They ran some tests and then let her leave with her brother. "Great I'm gonna be late." She said as she ran inside. She ran as fast as she could and got to big hit just barely in time. She walked into one of the practice rooms she was told to be in and noone was there. "That's odd." She looked at her watch. The time was right. She left the room and stood in the hall. She was waiting to hear music. Maybe they switched rooms and she didn't get the message. After a little bit she heard music in a practice room and ran to it. She opened the door and froze. BTS was all in it. "I'm sorry wrong room." She quickly turned and walked out the room. "Belle!" She stopped "How are you feeling? I haven't seen you in a few days." Jimin was standing next to her. "I'm fine thank you." She wasn't going to look him in the eyes. "Are you sure." He grabbed her face and made her look area him. "I...I.." "I know the other day was embarrassing but trust me I don't see you any different. You are still my cutie." He smiled and kissed her forehead. "Jimin how do you know me?" She asked "We've been working together the last 2 months now." He smiled and ruffled her hair. "We have?" Belle was shocked why couldn't she remember. "Belle stop joking." He kissed her cheek this time. She blushed. "Belle! Where have you been! I couldn't get ahold of you!" Eliza said making her turn away from Jimin. "My phone was off." Belle stated. "Jimin are you taking care of my bestie?" Eliza asked "Yup, although she is acting weird" "Where were you?" Eliza asked "I was in the hospital." "What!?!?!?" Both Jimin and Eliza yelled shocked. "I guess I slipped during practice and hit my head so they took me there. My brother picked me up today." "Belle." She turned to the new voice. It was Jungkook. "Kookie don't even start." Jimin said trying to push him away. "No stop, I need to apologize to her." He said as Jimin pushed him away. "Wait!" Belle yelled out causing them both to stop moving. "I wanna here it." Belle said and in an instant Kookie was pulling her down the hall into an empty room. "Is she playing dumb?" Eliza asked Jimin. "I don't know but, I hope Kookie doesn't mess up again. He's been a mess for the last few days not seeing her. He needs to apologize and I'm glad she willing , hear it." "Belle isn't a bad person, she's sometimes too forgiving though." Eliza said as she followed Jimin into the practice room to chat with the others while she waited for Belle. Meanwhile.... "Belle I am so so so so so sorry for what I said the last time we saw each other." Kookie started out. "Why?" She asked "I shouldn't have called you that name...I just...I don't know..." "What did you call me?" She asked "Don't make me say it again. please." "I wont get upset again." She just wanted to know what he had called her before. "I...called you a slut...." He whispered "Why?" "I was frustrated, i... walked in and saw you on Hobi and I got angry that it wasn't me. I...I'll say it was jealousy...I know I said I liked my girls experienced but if it's you....I don't want anyone taking your innocence away." She was confused what kind of relationship did she have with Jhope and Jungkook. "Jungkook..." He interrupted her. "You're not going to call me Kookie anymore? Are you that mad?" He asked and she looked him in the eyes. Her hand went to his cheek. When she touched him he leaned into her touch and closed his eyes for a second. "Kookie." Once it left her lips she smiled and he opened his eyes to look at her. He smiled and pulled her closer to him. He hugged her and she hugged back. "I will try not to get jealous again, but it's hard...especially when we don't know who you like and I keep hoping it's me." She looked up from his chest and he looked down at her. "You like me?" She asked and he nodded and moved closer to her. His lips had barely touched hers when she was pulled back away from him. "Don't touch my sister." Both Belle and Kookie where shocked. "Oppa." She said as he started to pull her out of the room. "I knew I shouldn't have let you come to work." He said as he continued to pull her. "Stop, please." She said trying to pull against him. "Can you please let her go." Kookie had moved and had his hand on top of her brothers. "Kookie." Belle said looking at him. She was really happy that Kookie was being the guy she'd always want. She pulled her hand out of her brothers grip and clung to Kookie. "I'm fine really, Kookie isn't doing anything bad." She said to her brother. "Kissing you isn't bad?" He snapped "I wanted it." She snapped "Belle." "I'll come to your house after work tonight ok, we can talk then." She said as she pulled Kookie out of the room. Although for some reason she couldn't figure out how she had gotten close with Kookie but she was happy the one she always had a crush on had a thing for her and she kissed him. They walked into the one practice room with the guys in it and saw Eliza on top of one of them while the others just watched. "Eliza!" Belle yelled out. Her friend turned to her with a smile on.
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lol oh wow its out! 😁. So this is what you've been thinking up. hmm kookie! that is interesting. oh what is Eliza up to! getting up on one of them. lol
hahah or is it...Maha hahaha I have plans in store.....and I don't think anyone knows what is to come mwhahahahaha it was Kookie. It will be interesting to see what happens....and when Kookie realizes something isn't quite right.