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Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing day yesterday but you know what time it is now...

Everyone is invited to vote but if it is your first time, please make sure to read the rules first! ;)

Let's begin!

The Rules~:

You guys will comment below on this card what 5 songs you couldn't stop listening to this week (from first to fifth place and both the artist and the song title).
The songs also don't have to be newer songs, just your 5 songs that you couldn't get out of your head!
Lastly, this list is only for Kpop songs. If they are songs/covers by a Kpop artist in another language those are also accepted!
You will have all of today and Saturday to vote so make sure you get your votes in before the results are posted on Sunday!

Second, The restrictions for the week...

(The songs you can't vote for)

Nothing! Wooo~

So there are no limits for voting!

~Happy Voting~

Savage Thunder Mafia:
Other Fam:
Tagging the music lovers~:

(Credit to owners of the gifs!)

Jay Park: Stay with Me Jay Park: Me Like Yuh Jay Park: All I Wanna Do BTS: Blood, Sweat, and Tears BlackPink: Whistle
BTS- 21st century girls BlackPink- playing with fire BTS- Blood sweat and tears Dean-Pour up Dean-D half moon
blackpink- stay blackpink- playing with fire snuper- you = heaven BTS- sweat and tears BTS jin- awake
Taemin - Press My Number Taemin - Danger (because this boy blew my mind) GOT7 - Who's That BTS - Blood Sweat and Tears EXO Chenbaekxi - Hey Mama
GOT7..TURBULENCE MAYDAY ...dont KNOW how many times ..LOL HURT (Sick) PROVE IT BOOM x3 MY HOME cant stop listening to those..ugh!!
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