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Everyone who is tagged in this card, read it all the way through because I wrote personal messages to you all!!!

So I'm pretty late on this card, like, it's 11 pm where I am....And this is a card for Thanksgiving that will end in an hour!!! Sooooo I'm pretty late. I'm late since I wasn't really planning on doing a card for this. There are many things that I'm thankful for and I really loved the idea you guys had for making cards to thank your Vingle family. Buuuuuut I didn't want to do one. Why? Cause ummm I don't really have a Vingle family, yet. Hehe... There are many people on here that I feel like I'm getting closer to, and there are so many people on here that make me smile at their silly cards. But there's no one on here that I have gotten really close to yet. I mean, I haven't been on Vingle that long, Ummm I think it's finally been about a year since I joined Vingle. So that isn't a lot of time to find a lot of friends or get that noticed on Vingle, but that doesn't really matter. But after looking at all of your cards I decided that it might be a good idea to thank some people on here. Mainly the people whose cards have made me smile and the people I have begun talking to. Alright, here goes nothing.

Well I should probably thank the members of the Seung-Yoon Mafia Crew, since I've been spammed a ton by them today cx

I especially want to give my thanks to @twistedPuppy

I saw your card when you posted it, the one about your cry for help, and I spent hours and basically days trying to find the words to say to you. The perfect words to help you, to put a smile on your face, but I haven't been able to. So I'll say what I can in this card. Thank you for all of a sudden showing up into my life, along with the other members. Thank you for basically forcing me to fall in love with Seungyoon even before I had decided on a bias in Winner. Thank you for your wonderful gifs and spam in the group chats. Thank you for being so strong in your life struggle. You're going through so much with everything that's going on in your life, and you're still able to laugh and smile along with us. I thank you so much for doing all that and I hope to god that things get better for you and that everything just ends up being perfect for you since you deserve everything to go right for you. I hope to one day read all your fanfictions since I've heard so many good things about them and I hope to one day become close friends with you and the others. So thank you Vinny. And if you need someone to talk to then I am definitely your person!! Please, if you need someone to talk to then always know that you can talk to me and I will listen no matter what!! So thank you for just being yourself and for throwing yourself into this little munchkin's life. Thank you so much~

@Sailynn I should also give you a personal thanks too.

We are not close at all, sadly XD But I do want to say thank you for wanting to be tagged in my cards and giving me a chance with them. I also see your cards around all the time, so I better be tagged in them if I'm not already!! cX Hopefully we'll get closer and talk more. Thank you so much~

@KenyaMendoza You also deserve your own personal thanks as well!!

It makes me really happy when you comment on my cards and it was really sweet that you wanted to continue being tagged in my cards as well! So thank you so much for that!! I haven't been seeing your cards around that much, so I really hope you post a lot and you better make sure that I'm added to your tag list so that I don't miss out on anything!! I also hope that we can become better friends!! Thank you so much~ And to the rest of the Mafia, I'm thankful to you all and I hope that we all become closer as well!! And @EvilGenius your spam, along with Vinny's, gives me life!! So thank you so much for all that!! Thank you so much~ @sukkyongwanser @ercurrent @ElleHolley @EvilGenius

This thank you is dedicated to @resavalencia

So first off, I want to say I am so sorry!!!! So this apology is suuuuuuper late and I've been thinking about for months!!!! I am so sorry that I did not join you on that scavenger hunt!! I know that I promised you that I would do it and then I completely ditched you on it, even when no one else would join us. That was such a dick move that I did!! I am sooo sorry!! I was so prepared and hyped to join you on that scavenger hunt, but everytime I opened the letter and was going to sign it, I kept getting distracted by other things and just excuse after excuse. *Sighs* Anything I say will totally not make it right, but then I got your message a day later with you saying that the sign ups were almost done and I completely freaked out and found I was too late. I never apologized since I was looking for the right things to say, as well as I was busy with other things...Aka more excuses,...But I also wanted to make you a gift as an apology and I have also been holding that off...So now since I've told you this, I better get up off my butt and actually make your gift!!! Once again, I am soooooo sorry!!!!!!!! Dx *Sighs* And then I ended up doing something else....Again!!!!! I didn't want to be a part of the Winner Bias Wars since I had no idea who my bias in the group was and I did not want to just end up picking one and going with that when I'm still trying to get myself familiar with the group! Hell, I don't even know all of their names yet Dx So I turned you down with Mino annnnnnnd then I ended up joining TwistedPuppy with Seungyoon......... *Cough cough* But it was kind of her fault at the same time...She forced me to, I swear!!! XD I'm kidding!! I love you Vinny!! Please don't be mad at me!! Anyway, I'm so sorry that I completely went against you there....Again. So as my apology for this mistake. If you ever do another bias war or something like that then no matter what group it is, and no matter if your bias isn't my bias, I will fight with you and your bias and attempt helping you win that war with a spam of cards!!!! (Sadly, the IKON one is over....But if you ever do another group then I am so with you!!!!) I know that what I did was wrong and I really truly hope that this didn't affect you. I was not looking to hurt you!!!! I love your cards, I always look forward to them, and if I hurt you then that is something that was totally my fault and I will do anything to fix things. So since this was more of an apology, I want to say thank you for cards. Thank you for still talking to me. Thank you for everything you've ever done for me or asked me to be a part of with you. And just so much thanks for everything that you do!! I am so sorry, and I hope that things will be fixed between us cause I really do want to be friends with you. Anyway, thank you so much~

Of course I had to do something for @BBxGD

But I really shouldn't say too much since I've said so much already to you. We aren't close at all. You barely know me, I barely know you. And I still made you a card about all the things that I'm thankful for about you annnnnd I'm writing you a fanfiction!! (Which I am working on....And will actually probably start asking you questions for it really soon cx) I really am thankful to you though. I'm so thankful to you for helping me out with my stories, that was really helpful for me. I am so thankful to you for all your amazing cards of GD and just all of your cards in general. I am so thankful to you for all your amazing fanfiction and hope to read more of them in the future!! I'm so thankful to you for being such an amazing and kind person that you are!! And I am so thankful to you for being so strong and being able to do all the things that you do even with everything that you're going through. So thank you, thank you so much~

A thank you to the wonderful @LemonLassie

Of course I have a thank you to you too!! It's been awhile since we last spoke, but I am still very thankful to you!! The main thing that I am so thankful to you is that you gave me the chance to watch BTS Bon Voyage!!! Thank you so much for that opportunity!!!! I promise that I have not misbehaved on your account at all and I immediately logged out of it when I finished the series, and I have not shared your password or account to anyone else. I swear I didn't do anything since I am not a completely screwed up person that would just use you like that. So thank you so much for that!! I loved Bon Voyage and who knows when I would have watched it on my own account, so thank you so much!!! I am also thankful to you for your cards, which make me smile and laugh everytime!! They're so good!!!! I hope that we actually hang out sometime since we live in the same state!! We definitely have to go to kpop stuff together some time and fangirl! Maybe one day C: So thank you so much~

A thank you to my twin @BAPSBABY

It's been awhile since we last messaged each other, so I'll probably start messaging you again tomorrow by saying something like I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and all that fun stuff. I really hope everything is good on your side and I hope that you're well and healthy and that nothing is wrong. And if there is something wrong then please don't feel like you have no one to talk to about these things since you have me!! I will listen to all your problems and try to help you out as much as I possibly can. Thank you so much for showing up in my life and talking to me. It's always nice to become friends with different people, especially kpop fans ^-^ So thank you so much~

Holy crap!! It's 12 am now!!!!!! I am soooooooo late!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry, but I definetly going to have to cut this short and give each of you very minimized thank yous. I am so sorry!! This does not mean that I am not as thankful to you as anyone else because I am so very thankful to all of you!! I had been planning to make out longer thank yous but I am very tired and I would like to go to sleep soon....So I am very sorry!!!!

@kpopandkimchi I know that we are not friends at all, but I did feel like you deserved a thank you.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards that you post. I love all of your cards. They're just amazing and helped me fall even more in love with kpop and so many different kpop groups. I have no idea how you're able to make so many cards everyday and find so many different things to make cards about. I barely have time to make a card once a week!! So thank you for being able to do all that and thank you so much for making them!! Thank you so so much!! And you're basically famous on Vingle, so congratulations for that!! So thank you so much~

Thank you so much @MonAnnahiX for all of your Monsta X cards, as well as all your other super cool cards!!

When I first asked to be tagged in your cards, I was barely a Monbebe at all. I had heard like one or two songs by them and I did want to fall in love with them so I was totally fine with being tagged in your cards. But seeing all of your cards and such just made me fall totally in love with this silly group of boys!!! So thank you so much for all your silly and wonderful cards of our Monsta X boys. And thank you so much for making me fall so head over heels in love with them!! And thank you for wanting to be tagged in my cards!! Thank you so much~

Thank you so much for your super interesting fanfictions @Lexxcisco

They're all so interesting and different, and I really need to catch up on all of them, but they're all so cool and just gahh!!! Attack the feels dude!! And thank you so much for keeping up on the Songs of the Week series that you have going on!! They're really helpful for finding new groups and songs so that's really awesome!! So thank you so much for that!! And I really hope that everything is starting to go right for you and that you continue to be super optimistic and positive about everything. So thank you so much~

And also thank you @Qilin94

The wait for the prizes was totally worth it!!!!! I love all the prizes that you gave me and I will definitely be using and keeping them!! So thank you so much for that!! And you also started to make me really fall for UNIQ, which makes me super happy since they are definitely a group that I want to keep falling in love with until they truly become one of my bias groups. Thank you so much~ Thank you @SugaKookieV for all of your fanfictions that attack my feels like crazy and are just really nice to read!! I hope to read all of your fanfictions one day and I hope that you continue writing them!! Also, thank you for all the Chanyeol spam that you've been posting all over Vingle. They give me so much life!!!! As well as internally kill me everytime cx So thank you for that too!! Thank you so much~

I haven't seen you around before so I'm really happy that you wanted to be tagged in my cards!! I hope I see more of your stuff around Vingle and once again, thank you so much~

I wish I could say a lot for you guys but there just isn't enough time, but I do want to say this. I love all of your cards and I hope to continue seeing more of them in the future!! So thank you so much for all of your wonderful cards!! And thank you so much to all of you for wanting to be a part of my taglist!! And I better be a part of your guys' taglists as well!!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to say more to you guys about the things I am thankful to you all. But I felt like I had to add you all in this since I am very thankful to all of you!! So thank you so much for everything you guys do!! Thank you so much~

Oh god!! I know that I probably left out a bunch of people from this but I tried really hard to remember as many people that I could!!

I really tried to get all the people that tag me in their cards since I am very thankful to all of you since your cards really do make me smile and just completely happy!! So if I missed anyone, I am so sorry!! And remember that I am thankful to all of you, and I am definitely going to regret not adding you guys to this as I remember the people that I forgot to tag in this.... So thank you all for your amazing cards and just all being amazing people in general!!!!! This also goes out to the people that I have already said thanks to in this card. I hope you all have amazing lives and things go well for you all!! You all deserve to smile and be happy and live wonderful lives!!!! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and ate till you almost exploded!!!! I am so thankful to you all!!!!! Oh, before I forget! I also wanted to thank the Try Guys from Buzzfeed for making the Kpop series that ended up making me a kpop fan. I also want to thank EXO, BTS, and Big Bang for their amazing voices, dancing skills, their personalities, and just everything about them. I also thank all of the other kpop groups that I have been falling for, or will fall for in the future. In general, I want to thank kpop for completely changing my life, but in a good way. Thank you so much too kpop for accepting fans that aren't even Korean!!! Thank you so much for making me smile even more than I use to!! But I also thank kpop for breaking my heart and making tears fall down my cheeks. I thank kpop and all of these groups and artists for working so hard to try and take over the world and just producing amazing and beautiful music!! I wish I could tell you guys how much kpop has done for me, but that would make this card even longer than it already is. So to finish this, thank you thank you thank you!!! To everybody and everyone for being kpop fans, for supporting kpop, for helping kpop and all of these groups exist as they are today. Thank you all so much~~~~~~ P.S. If you're wondering when I finally finished this card......It is 12:54 a.m. Also..... #Thankfulforhotasianguys #Thankfulforthirstybodyrolls #Thankfulfordeliciouschocolateabs
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Much love boo πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Lol, no worries! tbh the scavenger hunt was kind of a flop this year - idk if I'll do it again. I will hold you to helping me in the next battle though, lol. I grateful to you for participating and supporting WINNER, even if you weren't on Team Mino. Also, anytime you want to know more about them, you know where to find me!! 😊
Awwwwwwwwwwwww twin I love you so much. It's just been hectic the end of my college semester is close so I've been trying to catch up on everything
Dude, I will definitely keep you on my friend list because I know how much you love looking at my awesome cards! You are most definitely a keeper!
This was very sweet. I love this card!