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In September of 2010, Kim Tae Pyoung, a young man who had his last birthday in his 20s, left you guys for a while. And now, after 2 years, here I am to celebrate my 32nd birthday with you. I admit that I haven't been good at taking care of my fans. I didn't communicate enough with you like other celebrities do, and I didn't express how excited I am to see you guys again. Because of myself who's so shy at expressing my feelings, sometimes, you guys might be a bit disappointed. While I was away, I've read all of the letters you've sent. I felt a lot of things and made a promise to myself, "I'll become a better actor, and be a better person to repay your love." I've wanted to tell you so much when I come back. While I was away, I've dreamed every single day, of the moment I act again and of the moment I reunite with my fans who love me all the time. This is why my 32nd birthday is even more special to me. Since I'm becoming 32, I should be more responsible for my life and I should take a good care of people around me. Moreover, I should be more serious about my life as an actor. Even though I know that I'm such a blessed person, I can't always be happy with those complicated thoughts in my mind. However, right now, I feel so thankful and happy to depend this time with my fans here. I will recall this moment when my life feels really tough. The love that warms your heart when looked back, do you have such person in your memory? The actor many people remember even years after. I will be that person who resides in your memory forever. Thank you and I love you. - i love you hyun bin... my faith in you returned in this letter of yours.... we are dying to see you in a drama and hopefully.. king's wrath will be another big hit like secret garden...^^
yeah.. hopefully..
@nylamrehs i am sure it will be masterpieces ^_~@christy Hyun Bin ....hmmmm
he'll have a drama soon... that's king's wrath... hope this one succeed too...^^
good ^^ hope see u soon ^_~
looking forward to his new drama !
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