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This is so hard for me to process. Taehyun, I have missed and been wanting you to come back. But to hear, HIS CONTRACT GOT CANCELED.


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nooo why!!! what please tell me this isn't true!!!
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You know, I don't either. It's not like YG forced them out, they probably left for personal reasons.
What!??! Are you serious!?!?! 😟
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Of course!! Always!
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Tae wants to prioritize getting better and has taken it upon himself to leave instead of having the guys promote without him. Something that was discussed between him, and YG. The girls disbanded because they mentioned that they were actually ready to go theirown way. CL wanted to be able to focus on her US career Dara is busy with filming a drama and variety shows and i honestly haven't seen reports of Bom ever signing with YG again after the contract expired in May The whole thing about YG artists being in a dungeon type of situation is ridiculous in my mind. YG is a brilliant man and knows business. The people who leave YGE don't leave because the man is an ass, they leave for personal reasons.
No ;-; I WANT HIM TO COME BACK TF I hope he maybe does a solo bc like he can't disappear
okay numer one this isnt even YG fault, like come on give the guy a break we all know Taehyun was having issues he couldve asked for His contract to be cancelled by himself!