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Everyone... by popular demand I'm going to do the Live Recaps/Blogging of the LAST EPISODE of Queen In Hyun's Man!!! This show is sooooo good. All those who are going to join me in watching this tonight LEAVE A COMMENT! How do you think it will end today??? I'll start at 11pm (KST) tonight! I have more previews/spoilers/teasers at my page ( Please SHARE this with all QIHM fans! Just click the F/T button to share on FB or Twitter :) ==================================== HI EVERYONE! 10 mins before the drama officially starts! Quick recap of Ep 15 before we begin: BoongDo (BD) manages to successfully go back to the present and spends some v romantic moments with HeeJin (HJ), but its all short-lived... YoonWol gets killed in the Joseon Dynasty and as a result the talisman loses its effectiveness. BD disappears right before HJ's very eyes... *heartbreak* He then decides to burn the talisman so that he can destroy all memories HJ has of him so that she can live happily in her time, becos he has no way of going to the future to meet her. Hands up all those who cried their eyeballs out. Starting soon! Everyone go pee now! I'll refresh this pg every 10 min or so with recaps so just refresh along with me :D also this is my very very very first time doing this and my Korean is sub-optimal so please be forgiving!!! ==== START==== Scene opens with Su Gyeong (SG) and HJ talking. HJ is getting her hair done, looks like she has a busy busy life now with meetings piled up. HJ gets a call from her Director and she she meets with him. He presents her with a script and tells her to take a look at it. It's titled "Queen In Hyeon's Man" AHHHH! She flips through it in the car, it chronicles the historical life of QIHM and she reads it out. Damn I think she really doesnt remember a thing... She even says "Kim Boong Do? Kim Boong Do? Hmm who is that?" NOOOO... Oh I forgot to say that it is 1 year later. It goes back to Joseon Dynasty and we see the darling BD. He's walking about but suddenly he gets spotted by one of the Ministers who recognises him and goes "YA!" The Minister sends a whole pack of guards after BD and he flees for his life. Action sequence!!! The Minister goes to BD's hse to investigate and in doing so he happens to chance upon the letter that BD wrote to HJ. He goes to the King to report his misgivings. The King is not fazed at all though, thanks to BD already telling him the truth earlier. But the Minister is not convinced, he;s certain theres an underlying secret. [Back to HJ's hse] She's happily at home drinking beers reading through the QIHM script and exclaiming about how interesting it is and wondering who is BD. [Back to BD] BD hides out at a temple and talks to a monk but midway, he gets accosted by a group of men again. ooh ACTION! BD GO! He takes on something like 20 men just using some red rope and manages to tie 10 of them up. Now hes doing the staredown to the remaining 10. He looks around, and sees how scared the people are and ... he drops his sword. WHAT! [Back to HJ] Shes in the recording studio reading out the QIHM script. Oh she has red hair now by the way. Pretty! She cluelessly finishes the recording, and then has coffee with Dong Min (DM) DM is his usual stupidly sauve style, trying to sweettalk HJ. Halfway he even tries to pick up a hot chick but FAILS. wahahaha. oh forgot to tell u guys I think HJ is rich 1 year later. Grin. Shes wearing the outfit that was in the spoiler pics though..... hmmmmmm. Just now when HJ was reading thru her script in the recording, she also read out loud about the letter that BD wrote. Pple speculated it was written to the Queen. She looked puzzled (maybe some braincells are moving???) HJ is at the palace grounds filming now. She spins around and looks like she's remembering smthg. At the same time BD in the Joseon Dynasty is also walking into the palace ground, but he is being tied up. Super weird they are kinda facing each other but 300 years apart. ahhhh pls let them he happily ever after! OMO OMO. They are actually standing back to back now (but 300 yrs apart) and while talking HJ suddenly chokes and stops and puts her hand on her heart... does she remember anything??? She's talking about BD and she actually starts to cry. The Director asks her "whats wrong?" and she doesnt seem to know either. She keeps turning ard in the Palace and looks v disconcerted... [back to BD] He's sitting in a jail cell now. And as he sits he recalls his words to the King, and how he said he would disappear forever. [back to HJ] She's driving home and gets a call from SG. SG asks her what was wrong today, if she was hurt, HJ says noo I'm fine I dont know what was wrong either. (WE ALL KNOW WHY... sighhh) [back to BD] damn. i am going to cry. BD's sitting in his cell, and he holds his posessions close to him. He still keeps the handphone HJ bought for him. And he slowly strokes the black silk tie he was wearing... and he remembers how HJ put the tie on for him and playfully used any excuse to kiss him. and now... NOOOO i think he is using the tie to tie a noose.... NOOOO DONT DO THAT BD DONT DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE. At the sametime HJ is sitting in her car, and its raining, and she stop s her car and sits there and for some reason she starts to sob. Nooo Nooo BD holds the noose to his throat. And at the same time HJ keeps sobbing and saying "Whats wrong? Nooo... Why..." OH NO OH NO BD JUST KICKED OFF THE STOOL HE WAS STANDING ON. He just killed himself with HJ's tie... nooooo.... and as HJ is sitting in the car she suddenly has a flashback of herself holding hers and BD's matching phone. She dials his number and .... IT GOES THROUGH!!! BD's phone actually rings (in the Joseon era) but by that time he is already dead. Oh no I am shaking as I write this. She steps out of her car and suddenly the memories all come flooding back.... the pasta, the tiptoe kiss, the telephone box. She kneels by her car and she just wails as the rain beats down on her. [back to HJ] She reappears at the recording studio, soaked. She asks the manager to show her the recording of that she did earlier today, about QIHM. She rewinds and the film focuses in on the letter that BD wrote, and she remembers how everyone was wondering who the letter was written to. The letter is read aloud and... oh no I am gg to cry again....... HJ is sitting there sobbing and sobbing... someone opens the door and HJ says "Sorry, please wait a moment..." WHAT THE HELL!!!! It's BD!!!! Back in his handsome suit!!! Talking in his Joseon way again, holding up his handphone... ITS BD ITS BD I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! [Flashback] ahh so what happened was that BD in mid-hang while he was halfway commiting suicide vaguely saw his hp ring and he saw HJ's face on his phone. And he started to look up. And realise that DANG IT! I HAVE TO GET BACK TO MY WOMAN! He struggled free from his tie and finally when he fell to the ground. And when he grabbed the phone to pick it up, he suddenly *whoosh* went back to 21st century! Lying on the ground, right outside the palace ground, minutes from where HJ was a moment ago. He keeps saying into the phone "Yoboseyo (Hello)" and laughing and laughing and laughing... BD must be sooo happy!!! [back to Present Day] BD walks towards HJ, She looks so confused... she slowly walks towards him and she touches his face and says "Its real... You're really here... A real person..." BD turns to look at the screen and asks "What is that?" HJ turns his face to her and says "Where have you been???" BD just tenderly holds her face and strokes her hair and wipes her tears away. Damn I'm crying againnnn. BD says "I finally know what to use a necktie for..." HJ pulls his necktie in and give shim a NECKTIE KISS.... YAAAY. oh wow. Very deep kiss I must sayyyy. ============END================== ohhhh I am so happy it was a happy endingggg. Darling readers Im putting out lots of previews for all my favourite dramas check out my page for more goodies!!!! I'm sad QIHM has ended but sooo happy that it was a happy ending.
Jongmal kamsahamnida~thankh you very much!! You're so amazing doing this recap while watching it! I love this drama and i'm so glad that it's happy ending!
Thank you Luka and Supernovah!!! You guys are daebak! And I can't believe that JHW confessed (YIN is one lucky girl)! The icing on the cake! Love, love, love it! Buying the DVD when it comes out (I hope)! <3
OMG!!! raw ep 16 just came out,,,lol,,,so happy^^
Thank you so much luka! you are super!! xoxoxo
thank you @Luka! ^_^ I can't wait to watch even the raw video :))
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