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True fact
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She did surpass tsunade, both in healing and strength. But she is still weaker then naruto or sasuke. They are half of the sage, Sakura in just plain strength with the other two ya she's the same, they are all the same in lifting and punching strength now, but in terms of power such as chakra or just jutsu she is weaker, she is the badass medic, and the other 2 are the gods of the world now, she's strong and famous just like them but they do still out class her in a good amount of ways. Naruto is faster then then speed of light when at full power, and sasuke can demotion hop. They are all powerful and I love them but Sakura in the main area is the weaker of the three, but they all still way outclass any ANY average ninja.
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Well Tsunade has the first Hokage cells so her strength and healing are far surpassed what Sakura could achieve with JUST the jutsu she has. No doubt Sakura has become a stronger ninja than any average however she is in no way superior to Tsunade also if you could I'd love to see a link or chapter where they say otherwise, I will genuinely apologize and admit I'm wrong.
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still hate her
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still its stating that being from a bad ass family she still managed to be an amazing ninja....... a BETTER ninja than anyone who started from the bottom
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Better than Lee? what about Guy? Last I checked Deidara and a handful of other Akatsuki also had no for mentioned family.
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yet she always needs saving
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Meh, in the first series she was really ignorant. I hate female characters that punch or hit characters that did nothing wrong
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