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remembering one of my favorite couples on we got married.... they are so cute here and i had a really great time watching this..
yeah khj oppa is like dat he is a competitor in evverything w everybody he is really competitive hehe i like dat abt oppa a lot <3 ;)
yeah.. loved and watched khj EPs too with wangbo.. laugh so hard there..they always compete with each other..
@nyrlamrehs i just nvr full watched wgm with any couples lol only watch 2 taec gui and ft island and the japanese girl i love it but d k y i didn't cont but i have seen clips of dfrnts couples i shd lol i wanna watch my oppa khj wgm 2 i love it from the clips i watched i will watch it 4 sure :) <3 i watch clisps of dis couple 2 u are right they wr cute i shd watch dis show more hehe ;) <3 thnx dear i will <3 :)
well this is a scripted show.. but what I love here is that they've grown with each other.. I mean.. both of them learned a lot from each other.. specially this couple... you saw how awkward seohyun was.. very shy and super innocent... and yonghwa was the total opposite who's care free and confident... but he learned to adjust.. they cared and liked each other.. I was really looking forward for each ep.. what I hated most was their virtual marriage stopped when they were really comfortable with each other...and the ratings were high.. it broke my heart but I guess both of them were really busy that its impossible to continue...
smtms i feel bad for da couples in dis show its just heartbreaking bcs u can completely tell some of them actually end up falling for each other smtms the guy smtms the girl always one or the other then they have 2 realize it just a show not true it breaks my heart :-(