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my 3 fave couples on we got married
jokwon and gain yonghwa and seohyun nickhun and victoria miss them all!!
khuntoria!! I miss them so much!!! true love!! I hope they are a Real couple some day!
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I love them too... they look so good together ... but I'm afraid they are not for real... :(
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check my post in tumbrl about khuntoria... what do you think?? http://kyssmin.tumbrl.com/post/60910684703/see-the-gif-the-box-next-to-cup-and-more-proof
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well there's no news about them getting together... idk.. I guess the bracelet is just a gift .. because they've come to like each other... no more.. I would love to believe so too but need to face reality... lol
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