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Something is up with YG. Like somethings in the air.
It's now official that 2NE1, long time girl group from YG that has been a big impact on kpop, is disbanding. CL and Sandara are focusing on solo things and Park Bom is kinda M.I.A in all of this. The news coming from companies right now is not very joyful. Well, the news from YG, BigHit and SM are just chillin as far as I know. When they ain't chillin, I'll let you know.

Question Of The Card:

Did you listen to 2NE1? Who was your bias?
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Like he just ditched Bom, I'm so sad for her and hope she gets picked up by someone who will take care of her. I'm a puddle of sadness. Also it's just been announced that Taehyun is leaving YG and WINNER! What is going on with YG?!
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Ya it's 1 where I am and I can't handle this. It's kind of cruel to announce them both at the same time, but I guess he's trying to rip off the band aid