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Why does it hurt soo much when you loose something which is not even your's to begin with?? love is indeed a weird thing ... We always tend to fall for those people who no mattter how hard you try will not love you back.Life can be really unfair at times for people like me, THE ONE -SIDED LOVERS. We are one of a kind, a rare breed,not everyone can love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return but their company . All we ever wanted was to be looked at by our loved one the same way we look at them,sadly love cannot be forced we cannot make people feel the same way we feel about them,if it arises through coersion its not love at all. Its painful to be this way,its painful when you can't let someone go cause your waiting for a miracle to happen , no one understands your pain when you see them happy with another person,those pain which you cannot share with others are the worst of its kind,no one will support you they might even call you a weirdo, a despo and what not... you alone know how it feels to love someone with all your heart and when it goes to waste. In this world Love is rare not everyone experiances it ,be glad that you are able to experiance the strongest ,the most painful ,the most beautiful form of them all......THE UNREQUITED LOVE
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Oh but how it hurts... That hope that little miracle carried inside, gently cradled...