As we all know by now that YG has dropped a big bomb on us a few hours ago. 2ne1 has officially disbanded + Taehyun leaving winner
I know fellow YG babies are mourning right now and I am too. I guess I can say I was prepared for 2ne1's disbandment but it is a sad moment in my career as a kpop fan . I've seen many disbandments and leaves in my long period here but this one hits home for me. 2ne1 was one of my first girl groups I've gotten into so I'm .... a bit heartbroken yet I was prepared. I just wish I had a proper goodbye. one more song would've did me good. As for Tae i am very hurt and sad that he chose to leave but I understand him completely. I know fans are hurt and sad but guys you have to remember this is business way before it's friendship. I know it's hard to hear that winner will continue without him but you gotta get over it. Tae has been fighting for a long time and I think most of us know how hard it is to fight with it. I don't want to sound rude or anything but you guys who keep bashing YG for his leave and the dungeon thing you need to stop. Winner's activities was put on hold because Tae' s health is more important but due to the unknowing time he had to leave. Fans complain all the time about them not promoting but when they take step to promote you blame them.... it's sad but in order for winner to move on accordingly he had to leave. In order for them to keep doing their jobs they had to let him go. So before you bash anything think clearly first guys. I know it's hard and heartbreaking but as YG babies we must keep supporting his well being and continue to support winner on their future activities. There's no need to be mad at YG .. they are just doing their job and sometimes it results in things we don't want but it has to happen in order to move on. Same with 2ne1... we must move on. They made a mistake and this was the result . We have to understand that it wasn't going to last forever anyway. The new generation has begun and we must continue to support and love the kpop fandom ν™”μ΄νŒ…! !
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ fr cause some people dont understand this is no ones fault
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ My feelings exactly. We will definitely miss 2NE1 and Taehyun, but we need to continue to support the rest of WINNER and the other YG artists. I really hope Taehyun finds some peace and takes care of himself during this time. It would be great to see him return to us happier and healthier at some point down the road ❀
Thank you.❀
I can't even express how happy I am to see this card. Like, I understand people are in that like angry, "I need to blame someone and I just kind of want to cry stage" of grief but it's been bugging me and kind of frustrating me that almost no one has actually tried to think through why things have happened the way they did. So many people I've seen have just been talking about how they can't wait for Winner to come back but then when they find out, in order for that to happen, Taehyun won't be able to stay, they just think it's all YG's fault and that he’s being mean and heartless, and just doesn't care. And, as for 2NE1, the comments I've seen were like, "they knew that wss going to happen 2 years ago. They could've just told us then" and "No wonder they were promoting BlackPink so hard." No to mention the one about "He was just trying to keep them [2NE1] together so CL could do her promotions." I'm not even that into BP and I feel it's a shame that people just put that weight on their shoulders like they’re supposed to be the new 2NE1. Maybe YG just decided that they were definitely going to need a new girl group. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure BP has been in the works for a while and their formation probably and/or most likely isn't even related to 2NE1's disbandment. I don't know. I understand that it hurts but it's still business at the end of the day and us fans weren't sitting in the room with them discussing everything. We can't assume anything and piecing things together isn't good either. What’s happened has happened and everyone, in their due time of course, is just going to have to accept it and just wish for everyone to stay in perfect health, that they keep their happiness and peace and that they all just find a new place for themselves where they can relax and enjoy their lives.
@NikkoNikole it's sad because someone is legit trying to argue with me about the 2ne1 situation. The only fault Yg has is the fact he couldve gave her what she want so he could keep them together but then again the timing was bad even if she did
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