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Okay Guys This Is Seriously Getting out of control. Innercircles and Blackjacks got some very sad news, but instead of showing support I have seen nothing but hate for Yg! Which IS doing no one any good also I don't even understand why Yg instantly gets blamed for everything! * I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion*
Now As heartbreaking as this all is, hate won't help anyone. This is what was decided by both parties * Not Just YG!* So No He Did Not Kick Tae Out, But what we need to understand is that this is what is best for him he has had this since he was a child. Yes he might get better, but what happens when it happens again next time could be so much worse. I love Tae and hate this, but please don't instantly hate yg and blame this on him, We don't fully know what happened, but we do Know Yg does deeply care for his artist and treats them better than most other companies so this was most likely Taehyun's Idea to leave.
As For 2ne1 It was their choice to disband we may not know the reasons, but once again Yg is getting hate for this...
As much as this breaks my heart Please stop the unnecessary hate and shower them with love and support instead. And understand Yg really cares for his artist instead of throwing nothing but hate his way...
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👏👏👏 Thank you!❤
Yes thank you! Well said 😄😄😄😄👏👏👏
I feel bad now for my first reaction to the news. but in my defense, they should've word it different in the article. So people won't blame YG
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@MelissaGarza right but for now we must stay strong for winner and taehyun
well said 👏👏👏 Now is the time for InnerCircle to come together and support our guys.
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