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7. What do I like about Robin?

My girl ROBIN! To start this of let me just say that I think Robin is a bit more sexy than Nami lol but this is just my opinion cause I know Robin is older and I love older women hahahah But anyways lol I just had to get that out there XD BUT still to me I never really expected Robin to be one of the good guys or ever even think that she would join the Straw Hats! So I was surprised when she turned out to be good cause to me she was playing a pretty good bad guy (and I was starting to hate her a bit there lol) Aside from her HUGE BOOBS I love how she dresses and I think her Devil Fruit ability is pretty cool with all those hands hahah And i cant forget that she was also the plot point to one of the most badass story arcs of One Piece! BUT YES I LOVE MY GIRL ROBIN!!!!!!!!! ;)
I really loved when she put her hands together to have like Angle wings! she look so awesome and beautiful. And here are some the outfits I lived on her lol she's SMOKING HOT!