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As a busy mother of three, I have realized I am showing signs of sleep deprivation. Here is what I am doing to get more sleep and to feel over all better. 1. Himalayan salt lamps These things are gorgeous make any room feel warm. Aside from decor, these lamps actually create negative ions which are good for us. We are surrounded by positive ions from our technology and environment. These postive ions help in normalizing serotonin production in the brain. This means better sleep! 2. Take a warm lavender bath Personally, I bought lavender Castile soap by Dr.Bonner and some awesome epsom salts blend for sleep from my local health food store. A nice good soak.. as long as I could without being interrupted.. helped calm the body and mind. the epsom salts is also beneficial in soaking up and extracting toxins from the body. Also, for some reason you get relief from aches and pains. I did this with all my children and they sleep through the night!! 3. Plenty water and maintian health. Drink your 32oz a day. It's not much when you measure it out per cup. Did this with my children. Try to take a non-synthetic multivitamin. I take oil of oregano and black cumin seed oil daily as well as my daily dose of Anti-cold to ward off sickness. 4. Take a hike! Going outdoors has helped my family get the fresh air we need as well as work off that extra energy kids throughout the day. I find my children sleep much better after a day of trekking. In turn, I get a good sleep too. So... I've got 3 lamps throughout my home, doing lavender baths, plenty water, getting fresh air and taking my vitamins. So far, so good. et me know what works for you!
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I like that! Thanx 4 keepin me n the kno😃. I hav three kids & a cat!