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My name is Aly, but please just call me Kitten. Anyways, once every month on the 25th, I'll update my page/collection with a "Current Musical Obsessions" card, so if you're interested, you can just follow the collection! :D Please leave comments telling me if you liked the songs I'm obsessing over, and also recommend some artists/songs to me! Thank you, and enjoy! ♥
Want to be tagged? Comment or message me~ :D
We'll start off with some K-Pop. Most of them are from this month or around this month, and the rest i found. My favorite out of these 9 CURRENTLY is JUN K. "Think About You." His voice caught me off guard when i first heard this song, in a good way of course lol.
Here, we got some music in English, though, some are still K-Pop idols. My favorite from these five, is "Me Like Yuh." I just recently heard about Jay Park... and I'm hooked lol.
These are softer more calming songs that i found. I cannot pick a favorite because i love all 4 of them! :'c
This last song is just a really sick dubstep song lol.
Oh did i forget this amazing ass song and an amazing live version? LISTEN TO HOW MANY MISTAKES HE DOESN'T MAKE. HE'S PERFECT. PERFECTION! okay i'm done... i'm sorry.
Anyways that is all! Thank you if you've made it this far :D Don't forget to tell me what you think, and suggest artists or songs to me. Bye~
P.S: You DON'T have to recommend a set genre. ANY music is perfect and i will listen to it happily!