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Are you ready my dear @Sailynn <3 Just remember I love you soo much.
In case you miss the other ones :
“ Noona, is that your phone?” Daehyun laughed pulling us to a stop, pointing towards my purse placed in Yongguk's opposite hand. Quickly pulling my phone from my purse Yongguk oppa handed it over with a smile. “Thank you oppa.” I smiled brightly up towards him. I quickly answered the call. A smirk danced onto my lips, at the sound of the voice on the other end. “Hi oppa.” I laughed sinister after hearing what he had to say. “Really we were just heading there. Sail said she was throwing some type of party you should definitely come. I am sure she would be ecstatic to see you.” I beamed as we quickly said our goodbyes.
“Who was that?” Yongguk laughed returning the phone before we continued to Sail's house. “You remember the one I told you guys about.” I smirked picturing Sail's face when he showed up. “Noona, remind me to never get on your bad side you can be scary.” Daehyun chuckled linking our arms once again.
Sail Pov
“ Unnie was supposed to be here by now.” I mummbled looking towards the three Ikon members silently sitting on my couch along with Kookie. “Well she did say she was going out with the B.a.p members today to celebrate something.” June grumbled looking out the window sulking. “Oh grow up June.” I hissed just as our eyes flew to the now open door.
“I was promised a party Sail, but this doesn't look like a party.” Unnie sighed heading towards the couch. “Oh that is where you are wrong Unnie.” I beamed brightly. “ Now that everyone is here.” I smiled only to be interrupted by Sam Unnie. “Umm, Not exactly I invited someone since you said it was a party Sail.” She smirked taking a seat next to June.
Within seconds as if planned there was a knock at the door as Sam quickly rushed to open it. “Oppa I thought you were going to meet us here not show up after.” She laughed as panic started to set in. “Unnie you didn't..” I hissed as his perfect voice rang through my ear. “Sendy is that anyway to greet Oppa?” He sang walking in the house as all eyes widened in surprise.
“Hyung I thought you were busy with the comeback?” Bobby bellowed from the shock. “O-oppa?!” I stuttered as my gaze flew to the all too smug Sam standing next to him. “You said it was a party.” She shrugged with a smirk heading back towards where June and Yongguk were glaring towards each other.
“Okay boys I think that is our cue to leave.” She laughed pulling them all along after her. “I don't think so Unnie!” I tired, but she was already gone leaving Top an I alone. “Why does it seem like you don't want to see me Sendy?” He pouted turning like he was about to leave.
Before I even knew what was going on, my body flew into his wrapping my arms tightly around him. “Oppa you can't leave!” I shrieked clinging tightly to him. “Sendy my dear I have missed you too.” He smiled maneuvering to where I was in his arms as he placed a kiss on my forehead as my face turned scarlet. “You d-did?” I stuttered looking up into his beautiful eyes. “Of course I have even if you have been paying too much attention to Panda's.” He smirked as my heart started racing. “H-how did you k-know a-about that Oppa.” I stuttered slightly backing away as his smirk grew more.
“You think I haven't been paying attention you my dear Sendy?” He whispered into my ear as my face paled. “Which speaking of.” He laughed before continuing. “I invited someone.” He smirked just as the door bell went off. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to take off running out the door as fast as my fast as my legs could carry me.
“T-tabi oppa how do you know T-tao Oppa?!” I shrieked unable to move as they both smiled brightly towards me. “Didn't Sam Noona tell you?” Tao questioned looking between the two of us. “Unnie.” I muttered as both of them inched closer to me.
Just remember I love you @Sailynn <3
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