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On November 2 (I know, some weeks ago), Jay Park (Bae of the century) was on a show called Radio Star. It was mentioned that Jay Park actually is into girl groups now (he wasn't before). He also named namessss (yes I sang that in my head).
He said even though the cutesy girls aren't really his type (cuz we all know he likes them sexy big booty bitches) he "smile[s] even if they're not my type. It's just nice to see."
There was also a moment when Kyuhyun, the host, mentioned JYP cue the air getting a little tense. Like for real? You're gonna mention JYP? Shake. My. Damn. Head. He was meaning it as do you like any from your old label, but don't bring up bad blood! But Jay bounced back after a little hesitation and said that he likes the group regardless of the company: "I like them all, like Red Velvet, Black Pink and APink. I also like TWICE regardless of them being in JYP."

Question Of The Card:

Do you listen to any girl groups?
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Blackpink and twice