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My heart is so heavy writing this card, hearing these news has just brought my mood to a low that i haven't felt in a while. We knew 2ne1 was having problems as soon as Minzy left, we knew it wouldn't be the same. And apparently YG knew that 2ne1 would disband in May and yet he didn't tell no fans that and just left us to thought that they will be coming back(i'm not getting into that). I'm not blaming any one, just stating the facts. Also, CL and Dara has renewed their contract while Park Bom.
I hope they all continue their solo careers(including Park Bom and Minzy). Let's just remember all the memories of 2ne1 and the wonderful music they have given to us. Thank you 2ne1!!!!
Nam Taehyun
This hurts me the most, probably because I didn't see this coming. I'm not really sure if Taehyun left on his own or if YG did it himself but I really hope he makes it through his illness and contineu his singing career. I also wishes complete success for Winner!! HWAITING!!
This video describes my feelings best.
All I'm listening to right now
I never was close to 2ne1 and Winner but.... after hearing this I broke into tears I'm really sad this had to happen😔😭
TaeHyun will hopefully get the help he needs without having to worry about letting Winner down.