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To all those who are fellow blackjacks today was a sad day. After a few months since Minzy's departure, YG announced that 2NE1 has officially disbanded.

While this news wasn't exactly a surprise to some, it still brings me to tears knowing that I'll never be able to hear new music from one of the best girl groups in K-Pop.

But despite this sad news I still want to give 2NE1 a much-needed celebration for giving us so many good memories. Their songs will forever leave an imprint on me and the K-Pop world.

Saturday- Whose Your Bias?
Sunday- Your Favorite Song and Music Video?
Monday- Favorite Era or Album?
Tuesday- Favorite Live Performance
Wednesday- How Has 2NE1 Impacted You?

I hope you'll join me in celebrating this unforgettable group <3

(for those who are participating, make sure to use this wallpaper I made on your cards!)
I shall Join!!! when does it start?
uhhh today xD
Definitely will join you in this... I need that closure that probably might not happen TT