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Gah Its Friday! lol Everyone have a good day yesterday? I can't believe after Thanksgiving I actually got sick :( of course my luck. I get a few days of and I'm like ah noooo lol. so I missed out of black Friday. that's okay less money spending lol. okay I done lol not really complaining I got to lounge around for once. and write! hehe I broke this chapter up into 2 views first up is Mel and second is Keri!
Mel's view**** I can't believe my mother!!!! She's giving me the option of shipping me off or getting married!!! I didn't want her to pick my husband. I just wanted to play. I liked having every guy look at me and doing as I pleased. "Are you getting dressed darling?" My mother knocked on my door. "No" I grumbled and she opened the door. "Honestly, why are you messing with Keri? She has no friends and no one in her life. Why would you want to mess with it when she does" my mother scoffed. "Because I wanted him" I told her "Oh please, after all the boys you've had your friend can't have one? Hmm and after taking all those boys who were interested in her. You need to grow up and worry about yourself and your future" she said. "Besides it sounds like that boy is a musician they are scum and will not be a good heir to your fathers company" she said. "What! So you'll choose my husband based on who gets daddy's business?" I groaned. "Yes and Eric is already primed for it. You know Eric, your fathers right hand man. He is much more suited for it and you. With that dedicated attitude of his he'll keep you by his side" she said. "But I want that musician. He's going to make it big and I'll still be able to maintain my life style" I said. I like my shopping sprees, I liked money and that boy would no doubt have plenty of it in the future. "No" mother said sternly. With a couple threats she left and I got dressed. She took me to the company and we went to the top floor. Daddy was in a meeting but Eric was at his office going over papers. Mother and I walked in and he looked up. "Hello Mrs. , Hello Melissa" he greeted us. "Your husband is in a meeting with a few producers at the moment" he said. That's right daddy owned several studio's that dramas were filmed in. "That's alright dear, we came to see you. I was hoping you could spare the afternoon to take  your fiance out to lunch. You two spend no time together" mother, always subtle. "Of course ma'am I would be honored to take my fiance to lunch. Will you be joining us" he asked polietly. "No I will wait for my husband" she said. "Alright, let me finish this up and I'll be ready to go" he eyed me. Eric. Eric was all business. He always wore a suit and covered up his well toned body with so much clothing. Yes I've gotten a peek under neath and liked, I did not like his strict attitude though. Crossing my arms I waited in his office as my mother left. "What have you done now to piss her off?" Eric asked. "Nothing" I snapped. "I find that hard to believe" he was shuffling papers around. "She knows nothing of what I've been up to" I scoffed. "I find that hard to believe. A few things have surfaced about you over the past few days. Like messing with one of the studios near by. Your father had a bad day dealing with that mess and keeping your name out of it when they identified who you were" Eric stated. "Oh? Of course daddy would cover for me" I said proudly. "You know that will be put to an end. Your not allowed to go to any of the studios anymore. Only this building, where there are no celebrities to mess with" he said as he stood up. "Shall we go?" I asked seeing him come around his desk. He stalked over to me. He stood over me and bent at the waist coming very close to me and trapping me in the chair I sat in. "Your days of messing around are coming to an end" he said harshly. It somewhat frightened me. He was inches away from my face and moving in. "Oh really? Who says I won't cheat on you when we get married?" I shot at him and his lips were covering mine shutting me up. "You won't be leaving the house if your not with me, so I find that would be hard to do" he said when he broke the kiss. He stood up straight and looked at me as if that didn't just happen. It was one hell of a kiss, I'll grant him that. "Lunch?" He questioned. With a sigh I stood up and followed him out of the office.
Yup Yoongi, You go ahead and make that face. noooo problem with that kekeke
Keri's view**** I left Mel's house half feeling sorry for Mel but mostly not. She screwed with my relationship while its still fragile. On my way to get my coffee I called up Yoongi. "This is Namjoon" someone answered the phone. I vaguley remembered he was one of Yoongi's friends. "Hi this is Keri. Can I talk to Yoongi?" I asked. "Keri? His girlfriend. Yea Yoongi is busy at the moment" he said. "He's focused on writing some lyrics" he said "Oh okay, thanks" I was about to say bye but he stopped me. "You could just swing by and come see him. Us too. Tae and Kooki would want to see you too" he offered. "Can I?" I asked unsure. "Yes, come on by" he said. "Okay thanks. I'm going to stop and get coffee should I bring anything for you guys?" I asked offering to bring something. "Really?" He sounded happy "that would be great, we could always use a pick me up" he said. He got a couple of the guys orders and I nodded. After that I hung up and went to the coffee shop and picked up the drinks then went to the studio. Tae and Kooki were in the hallway waiting for me. I hadn't expected that and when they saw me they came rushing to me. "Keri!" The two of them cheered. "Hi" I said with a goofy smile on my face. They took the cups from me and then gave me a hug. "Where have you been hiding?" Tae questioned. "Um I've been busy lately. I heard about some of the things she's been doing to you guys. I'm so sorry she's causing trouble" I felt like I should apologize but the look on Tae's face said he was confused. "Why would you apologize for what someone has been doing?" Kooki asked. "Yes its not like you were behind it" Tae said. The way Tae said it had me think for a moment and the nod. "You know what, your right. It wasn't me, but I still feel bad about it" I smiled at him. He grinned and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Come on, I'll take you to Yoongi" Tae said.
Hi Hi! lol what you think of meeting Eric? Mel's fiance! Lol you think he'll be able to handle her , he's got his hands full but seems there's a benefit, keeps her away from Yoongi and the guys lol. and ooo Keri going over to see Yoongi and the guys, hmm she'll be seeing them all again lol ooo suprise yoongi! Keri's here! kekeke
Alright now let's get 20 likes and have another chapter lol can't leave us like this for too long
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I agree as well! I want more... I also need to stop procrastinating... But still this story has got me so hooked.
Mel's such a brat sometimes, I feel like Eric could wrangle her in and get her in line. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
@Chace lol Eric attractive sounding right! and the boys love Keri as she'll love them all lol 😁 and thankies hoping to get better soon 😊
ohhhh well hello Eric! toned, tall and a good kisser... cough cough I mean... they seem interesting... getting intrigued by the second.... nxawe Keri love from the boys! she's already the big sister inlaw^^~♡~ whoopwhoop as usual! living it! sorry Youre sick! get better soon~ mwah!
@FalseLove Word!! I want to know how Eric is gonna gather the little miss together. And keti and yoongi-ya getting some alone time in a studio together!? Either way, I smell some smut coming on. Me likey!!
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@FromBlue2U yes it so would!!!
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