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Greetings ELFlings!!!! Kim here after stuffing her face from thanksgiving dinner. I also bring some spamming for @twistedPuppy as well too!!!!! Let's see how well Heechul and Siwon are together. (I hope Siwon don't have a target on his back after this!!!!)
Well things are looking good for now........................uuummm, Heechul why you trying kiss Siwon??????
Look how Siwon talk about his hyung!!!! WWAAAAHHHH!!!!!
Alright Elf's, that's all I got for tonight. I'll catch you all in the next card!!!!!
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Aw Siwon is my little puppy I love him. it's cute how he talks to Heechul
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Lol!!!! All of them will bring you to tears
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