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So I decided that I didn't like how I put the first version of my "What Is Love" theory card, so I am now making another one, and other cards in this series will probably follow this sort of format as well.

In the first version of this card I basically just told you guys about the MV and lyrics and then asked you guys to tell me your theories on it. But now I'm going to do the same thing, but I'll also be telling you my theory on what I think this MV is really talking about. Along with my theory on all of the EXO MVs in future cards.

My Theory?

So in this series I'm going to be talking about my main theory for all of EXO's MVs, and what better MV to start out with other than their debut song, "What Is Love." I probably should talk about the teasers that came before this MV, but I'll go into more depth about those in the next card.
I watched and read a couple of things about what this MV is hinting at as its theory. Basically, every theory led back to the same idea....Aliens. In all the theories that I have read, everybody said that the EXO members were from an alien planet and were sent to Earth with magical powers. There are a lot of indicators as to that theory being true, but I have another theory in mind that I personally think goes a lot better with EXO.
What's my theory? Well I think that the EXO members are Human, or were in the beginning. They were just normal everyday people living their everyday lives. Most of the members didn't know each other back then, but some of them did know. But all the members had something in common: they knew something or were looking for something that they shouldn't have gotten involved with. What did they get involved with? A secret society that was testing, secretly, on people and giving them powers. Somehow, the boys got involved with the society and ended up being tested on, and eventually, given their own powers. The members escaped from the society numerous times, but the society was always with them, tracking them and watching them constantly. The boys were never actually free from the society. What happens to the boys and the society is told through the MVs. And "What Is Love" tells the story from the very beginning.

The Music Video

*If you have not seen the music video yet, then please watch it!!*
In this music video, if we follow my theory, it tells the story from the very beginning when the boys were still Human and hadn't interacted with the society. All the members are independent of one another, some of them don't know the others exist. But some of the members do know.
Chanyeol, Kris, and Tao are by themselves. They do not know about the other members and are doing their own thing, so we'll start with them.
Chanyeol wanders into some sort of shed and seems to be looking for something, like he knows that there's something there or, at least, that something has led him there. He's also holding some sort of book. Chanyeol is probably the one who knows most about the society and is probably the reason the society found them. Why do I think this? Because he's carrying a book that holds information about the society!! In the shed, he finds a rock with a unicorn-looking symbol on it, and he flips to a page that has that same symbol on it. Why is this symbol so important, and why was it found in the shed? In later MVs we find out that the symbol will belong to Lay, but that doesn't clear up the answers for us at all. Is Lay somehow really important to this entire theory? Maybe.
Kris is also pretty interesting and also seems to know quite a bit more about the society then the others. He is shown walking up the stairs of a tall building, and ends up turning around to look at something? Or like he's thinking about something? Or maybe he was checking to see if anyone was following him? I'm not really sure. Then it shows him standing on the very top of the building and he spreads his arms, like he's about to fly or jump, or something like that. Later we find out that Kris does earn the ability to fly, but did he already have this power in the MV? Was he already working with the society? Hm could be.
Tao is probably the most mysterious one in this whole MV. He's wearing all black, kind of like a ninja, and is in some sort of attic like place. And there's another figure in the room with him, wearing a black hoodie so you can't see his face. Then they start fighting and Tao busts out some awesome moves and beats the crap out of the guy (Wow, nice choice of words Shadow, so sophisticated...) Why Tao is fighting the guy is unknown. Maybe the guy was part of the society and was trying to capture Tao? Or maybe Tao was already working for the society and fighting the guy was a part of his training? Or maybe he was just fighting the guy cause he pissed him off. Not really sure.
Now the other members who are either in pairs or triples.
The music video only has Baekhyun and D.O singing, even though this is the debut song of EXO. In the chinese version that was also released along with the korean version, Luhan and Chen are the ones singing. And they're in a shed that kind of looks similar to the one Chanyeol is. Hmm.
D.O and Suho are shown in a field together, and they notice one another at a certain point but don't really seem to know each other. Like, they're not close or anything. D.O is holding a kite and there's a table with books and other random objects on it. At another point, D.O is playing with the kite and Suho is reading one of the books. These two are also probably the most confusing since I'm not sure what the kite and books have to do with anything, and I'm not really sure if they know about the society or not. I'm pretty sure they do though, and they're probably looking for the society. They probably came to find each other through looking for the society and are now trying out their own ways to research. D.O is using the kite and Suho is searching through the books. Still not that sure though.
Lay, Baekhyun, and Chen all seem to know one another. They're in some sort of building or apartment place and there's a big, fluffy, white dog with them. Lay is dancing, Chen is sitting and drinking coffee, and Baekhyun is singing, and at one point is feeding the dog. They all seem pretty normal and all seem to know the least about the society, so how they're connected is a total mystery. Maybe they were put in the MV as a way to show that the members were just normal people. But once again, Lay is probably somehow more important to this than we might've thought in the first place thanks to the symbol on the stone. And also, near the end of the video, the eclipse (which I'll talk about in a second) is reflected in his eye. Hmmmm.
Sehun and Luhan seem really close and are going on some sort of road trip. They're just having a good time going who knows where. At first it looks like they're going on some sort of camping trip, they even have a map that's leading them to their destination. They both just seem like ordinary people. But at the end, it shows that they had been looking for the perfect spot to see a lunar eclipse. I'm not sure if Luhan and Sehun knew about the society, but obviously they knew about the eclipse that is somehow tied in with the society, which I will talk about in a second.
The part with Kai and Xiumin is probably the most interesting. At first, Kai is by himself walking down a dark street. Then he's being followed by two cars He smirks at them, like he knows that they're there and doesn't care that they're following him. And then Xiumin is also there with him. Xiumin turns to look at the cars and smiles at them too. Then at a certain point Kai tries to run toward the cars but then a whole bunch of cars show up and block his way. Kai stops and looks genuinely concerned about the situation, like he's worried now. Who's after Kai and Xiumin? Is it the society? Did Kai and Xiumin do something to get noticed by the society and now the society is trying to catch them? But why do Kai and Xiumin think that they aren't a threat? Very interesting.
In another part of the video, Kai and Sehun are dancing, similar to the teasers that were released before this video (I will make another card for those teasers soon). And Tao fighting was also in the teasers. Like, are the rooms that they're in important? And what about the two Sehuns??? For right now, I'm not really going to go into depth about these scenes. I will discuss them in the next theory card that will go over the 23 teasers that were released before What Is Love.

The Eclipse

So obviously the eclipse is somehow really important to the music video, and I think it has a very important connection to the society and how everything connects to the EXO members. Every theory points this out because it's probably somewhat true.
Every member reacts to the eclipse in different ways. Like Kris for example. I'm not really sure what sort of emotion he's conveying towards the eclipse. Is he concerned, in awe, is he confused, does he look at it like it's a sign of some sort? I'm not really sure, you guys will have to decide that one yourselves.
Tao just walks out of the room, not even showing a true reaction to the eclipse. But to be honest, it kind of looks like it's telling him like "mission complete" or "come back here" or something like that. But it looks like that it's telling him something, I'm just not sure what.
What's interesting to me is that the singing D.O and Baekhyun also react to the eclipse. They turn their heads to the left as if they saw something. I didn't really think they had too much of a significance in the video except for singing, but maybe I was wrong.
When the eclipse happens, D.O and Suho are back in the position of looking at each other. The video never showed them talking to each other, just looking. But when the eclipse happened it was like they were exchanging a look that said, "We finally figured it out" or "It's time." And then they look away from each other and to the side, like someone else is there but you can't see them because they're out of view. They never look at the eclipse, but it's like someone showed up and now they're looking at them!! Was the eclipse a sign that the society had showed up and was going to take them all away right then and there?? Really, really interesting.
With Lay, Chen, and Baekhyun it doesn't show Baekhyun's reaction, only Lay's and Chen's. But what's interesting is that Chen is smiling at the eclipse, like it's a good thing. Or maybe he is just a normal Human and thinks it's pretty cool, or maybe he does know something about the society and the eclipse, but then why is he smiling? Does that mean the society is a good thing? And how about Lay who is staring at the eclipse like there's something wrong with it. That it isn't a good thing. And then it shows him again just staring at it, like it's an okay thing. He's not happy, but he's not worried either. And then it shows the eclipse reflected in his eye. Why him? Like I said before, does Lay have a bigger role to play in this? But to be honest, they all could since everything's weird about them all.
And now, Luhan and Sehun, the ones who had been looking for the eclipse. When the eclipse finally shows up, it shows the RV and then it shows one scene with Luhan and Sehun looking at the eclipse.....That's it!! There's no deeper connection, no other shot with them looking at the eclipse. Nothing! I promise, I watched this video way too many times now cX You would think that something else would happen, but nothing did. Were they just ordinary people that had learned about the eclipse? But the eclipse seemed even more planned out then that since the other members also seemed to know about it it in a way. So what's this suppose to mean? That they actually might know more about the society than they're letting on? Or did they accidentally happen onto the society when looking for the eclipse? I'm really not sure about that one.
Finally, Kai and Xiumin. For these two, the music video only showed a scene with them once reacting to the eclipse, and they seem to be okay with it, even kind of smiling at it. So since the eclipse seems to be connected with the society, but it seems that the society is chasing Kai and Xiumin...Does this mean that they're accepting the society? Or they know that they can't run anymore from them, that they're fate is already determined? I'm guessing it has to be something like that. It's obvious that the society wants them, and the eclipse seems to be the stopping point for all of the members, a way that the society catches them all. Weird.
Now Chanyeol. I chose to do him last since he seems to be the most important in this MV. After he finds the symbol and compares it to the book, the eclipse appears and it shows Chanyeol's scene when the eclipse first appears. It's like him picking the stone up triggered the eclipse to show up, but that wouldn't make sense since Sehun and Luhan were looking for the eclipse. Hmm. There are many scenes showing the eclipse casting a shadow on Chanyeol's face, like he finally found what he was looking for. Also, the MV started with Chanyeol walking into the shed, and ended with the eclipse completely covering his face. Kind of like it's indicating that the society finally caught them all and that this is just the beginning.
At the very ending, it shows all of the members standing side by side. Chanyeol and D.O are the only ones raising their arms. Behind them, is the eclipse with one half in red light and the other in blue light. Hmm I'll have to remember this part when I work on my other theories. And yeah, I know this is the legit ending and not the ending with Chanyeol, but this scene was more showing like, "Hey, so this is EXO." and the scene with Chanyeol is more showing, "Hey, this is the ending of the MV." So I was using that as the better ending.

The Lyrics

This is the English translation of "What Is Love":
Girl, I can’t explain what I feel.
Oh baby my baby, baby, baby, baby.. yeah.
Making a day feel like a minute
With you, I'm the main character of a movie
As if I'm about to film an action scene to come see you,
as if I've become a hero
You're perfect to me, I imagined
How would it be if we were together?
If only you say okay, everything is perfect, oh baby
I lost my mind, the moment I saw you
Except you, everything get in slow motion
Tell me, if this is love
Sharing and learning countless emotions everyday with you
Fighting, crying and hugging
Tell me, if this is love
All the guys in the world are jealous of me
They must be jealous to death of me, for having you
Even after the sun goes down and moon goes down, it will never change
You will find out that I'm a guy whom you can trust
I don't know why, this unconditional emotion
Did I ever imagine?
Next to me, you shine more brightly as I become a better guy
I lost my mind, the moment I saw you
Except you, everything get in slow motion
Tell me, if this is love
Sharing and learning countless emotions everyday with you
Fighting, crying and hugging
Tell me, if this is love
If you wish and wish earnestly
Will it come true, like the fairy tales?
A never-ending happy ending, happily ever after
I will trust you, protect you and comfort you
I will be on your side
I will never leave your side
I lost my mind, the moment I saw you
Except you, everything get in slow motion
Tell me, if this is love
Sharing and learning countless emotions everyday with you
Fighting, crying and hugging
Tell me, if this is love
All the guys in the world are jealous of me
They must be jealous to death of me, for having you
My babe, baby babe, baby baby
I can tell, this is love
I will make you smile often like a child
I will make you feel the most comfortable, like a friend
My babe, baby babe, baby baby
Tell me, what is love.

My Thoughts

So to me it sounds like a guy who is talking about a girl that he falls madly in love for. Like, this girl (I'm saying girl and guy since it mentions them in the song) means everything to him and that no matter what happens between them or around them, that he'll always be in love with her. And the guy believes that this is probably what it feels like to be in love, and he wants to spend every moment with her. Or at least wants her to always be in his life. Basically just like any other love song, right? So how does this connect to the MV or, at least, my theory? I spent a lot of time thinking about this and really all I can say is....I don't think it does really have a connection. But then a thought came to me. What if this girl is symbolizing the society. Like the guy is representing the EXO members and the society gave them all of these temptations and stuff, basically making them "fall in love" with the society, or better phrased, making them like or think that the society is a good thing. Obviously the EXO members have or know something important to the society, so instead of just capturing the members and forcing them to be a part of the society, what if the society gave them something instead. Like they were "seducing" or "tempting" the members with gifts, like powers or something. And at first the EXO members are all for the idea and seem to be totally for the society. Like the lyrics "I will be on your side, I will never leave your side." Hmm maybe that's what the lyrics are trying to convey?

The Conclusion?

Okay, so first of all, I am so sorry that this card is so long!! My cards tend to be quite long since I like to write....A lot. But also because this MV has so many things that needed to be pointed out and noticed, like so many things were happening in the music video!! So thank you to anyone who reads this!
So let's summarize basically everything I've said about this music video and how it connects to my all time theory. The music video is showing the members before they get involved with the society, before they gain their powers. Each member knows something about the society, or at least that it exists. Some of the members are looking for the society, while others are kind of just living their lives. And maybe some of the members might be a part of the society already, but I'm not sure about that one. At the end of the video, the eclipse shows up and is a symbol for the society. Once the eclipse shows up, the EXO members are then probably taken away by the society. This makes the most sense since the rest of the EXO MVs tell the story of EXO being with the society, and the way the members react makes me really believe that the society took them away.
And now the conclusion to the lyrics. If what I said about the lyrics is true then the lyrics are telling the story of EXO being taken away, but the society didn't force them away. The members willingly went with the society and were totally for the society. The EXO members were happy to join the society.
So to conclude all of this, "What Is Love by EXO" is telling the story of how the boys found the society and then ended up being taken by the society. But the boys liked the society, they were all for it at the beginning since they were getting stuff out of it. What that is is beyond me. There are still many questions that haven't been answered in this MV, but as they continue to make more MVs and as I make more theories on their other MVs and some teasers.

What's Next?

For the next theory I will be putting up a theory about the 23 teasers that were released before "What Is Love." Hopefully it will be put up on Saturday, but I'm not sure.

If you would like to be added to the tag list then please don't be afraid to ask.

Please don't think that my theory is definitely the right theory, that is not what I'm trying to say here. This is all based on my own guesses and things I saw in the music video and lyrics. I know for a fact that I'm probably not right.

And please guys, tell me what your theories are on this video and the lyrics!! I really would love to see what you guys think the theory is!!!! I started this series because I wanted to see what your guys' theories were, so please comment down your own ideas and theories!! Thank you so much!

Thank you guys for reading my theory and for commenting your own theories (if you did, of course). I hope you guys are all as excited about the next theory, as much as I am. And if you aren't then that's fine too cX Thank you~

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I read everything.. and I never really thought about theories.. it could be like you said. But maybe the society just put ideas out there for them? Not necessarily gifts and stuff but just little ideas here and there to get them curious enough to seek them out?
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Maybe they saw like a prophecy and it showed them, each with their own unique quality that would benefit them in one way or another? The society probably knows a lot and can probably see future things to come, so maybe that's why they specifically chose them..?