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So I wanted to play the SSG and this is what I got.

The one who convinced you to go with him for Christmas.

Hey may not be my bias but I do love me a Onejunn in a suit.

The Christmas outfit you will wear.

Outside of the height of the shoes I'd actually wear this in reality.

Which Christmas scenery will you meet at?

So romantic I can smell the marshmallows roasting and the hot coco while we talk about the year going by way too fast.

The one who greets you.

I would hope he greets me lol. I don't know where the other boys went maybe they're with their families for the holidays lol.

The one who gets you a Christmas present.

Aww Onejunn you're so sweet for getting me a present you're moving up the bias list.

Your Christmas present

So pretty he knows what I like. lol
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Awesome! You got lucky to get same guy 😆
yeah I did I was surprised by that