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Happy Saturday everyone!

This is a long one just for you guys...enjoy! XD

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Long time no see! It has been an... insane last couple of days. I haven't written you in a while but, I have reasons for neglecting you - I promise. One of them I have a feeling you will be very happy about.
So after my last entry, he did meet up with me again. He had gotten the dance completely down and he asked if I could teach him another of IU's dances. I, of course, believed that maybe he had a thing for IU or maybe he just had a weird thing for girl dances - who knows.
But after that practice he asked if I was doing anything Thursday (which was yesterday). I said no, knowing that I was probably just going to be here practicing all day again. So he then asked if we could go grab something to eat - as a way of thanking me for teaching him some dances.
I was shocked. It would be the first time I had gone out to eat with anyone besides my family or the company in a really long time. So, I said yes.
He looked happy to be honest and it made me happy. I thought that this would definitely be a way for us to become closer and hopefully become friends because at this point - I really wanted to.
He is so easy to be with and so much fun to talk to. If I didn't have a thing for his band member, I am pretty positive that I would have fallen for him instead.
Anywho, we went to eat after the performance yesterday and he took us to a restaurant that he frequents a lot with his members. The owners knew him pretty well and were excited to see him when we walked in. I felt awkward, but he introduced me to them and they seemed absolutely lovely. They brought us out wayy too much food and said it was on them tonight (I still left some money though as there was no way I wasn't going to pay at least a little).
But we talked and talked and he started to open up a lot more. He talked about his family and how it was never easy for them to let him pursue his dream. But once he made it, they were his number one fans. I smiled at the thought, realizing that our parents were similar in the same way. And then when I found out how much older I was than him I almost about choked on my drink. (Like I knew I was older but damn.)
He laughed at my reaction and even called me 'Noona' to make fun of me. I threatened him that if he does that again, he wasn't going to learn anything else from me. He stopped and apologized right away, making me laugh along with him.
It was a great night. So when we had to part ways after walking back to my company where my car was, I was sad. I kind of didn't want the night to end. We both also kind of stood awkwardly, not knowing how to separate at that moment. He just decided to hug me again and I (thank god) hugged him back like a normal human being. And when he asked 'Same time, tomorrow?' I smiled and quickly agreed. He then left, waving as he went. I then headed back to my car, excited for our next dance session.
But then - tomorrow happened.
IU, the dancers, and I had another performance today and we ran into B.A.P in the middle of day. I was happy to see them and I looked for both of them, wanting to see the man I longed for and the person I wanted to grow closer to. But I only saw one of them - the dancer. I looked for the other one, curious as to where he was when I saw him and IU talking in a room.
I never meant to eavesdrop Diary but they were talking pretty loudly, so don't blame me. They were fighting. About what - I couldn't really make out, but it was pretty intense. My ear was pressed up against the door, trying to hear better when he suddenly came out, the door hitting my side.
His eyes met mine and they were full of rage. Confused and shocked, I had no idea what to say as he stared at me, trying to read me. Before asking what was wrong, he stormed off, leaving in the direction that the rest of the band went in.
At a loss, I turned to see that IU was crying, weeping into her hands, not so discreetly. I wondered what to do - if I should go in and comfort her or something - but I instead closed the door, curious over what had just gone down. I stayed put, making sure no one would get inside and she would have the time she needed. Hearing her cry was heartbreaking, Diary. I felt horrible and I didn't even know what was going on.
Luckily we were done for the day so when she finally got the courage to come out of the room, the six of us left, heading back to the company to go our separate ways. I was worried about her the whole time but I felt like asking would hurt her somehow so I kept my mouth shut.
We all got back and I was the only one who stayed knowing that he was most likely in the practice room, waiting to dance with me. I climbed the stairs and laughed when I saw him dancing in the room, trying to practice the moves I had taught him on Wednesday. I waited for him to finish and I then headed inside, applauding at his performance.
He was startled and embarrassed. It was adorable. We talked a little about our day and then we went straight into it. We practiced for a good three hours almost non-stop. He was really getting the hang of it. He had two of her songs down now and it was amazing. I was in awe of how fast he was learning.
We then took a break and sat down, drinking some water to re-hydrate. He then asked me if I had heard about what happened today. I shook my head and then he told me.
How he - my crush - broke up with IU.
I was conflicted in that moment. On one side I was happy and then I was also sad for IU. After seeing her crying today and being heartbroken, I was feeling more depressed than happy at the news. Curious, I asked him why he did that and he shrugged. He didn't know either. He just said that he knows that they just weren't working out that well.
I didn't know what to say or feel in that situation and he could tell as I stayed silent for a bit after he told me. He then got up from the ground and reached his hand out to me saying 'No need to worry about it. They will figure it out' and smiled. I then grabbed his hand and he lifted me up - nodding my head and mumbling a short 'I hope so'.
I wonder Diary. Will they get back together? Is it wrong that I don't want them to? But after seeing her like that today...I don't know what to think. I guess we will just see what happens from here on out.
I guess we will see.

Thanks for reading as always and I will see you guys soon!

Love you fam~
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Ooooo drama!! Now we're finally getting somewhere~ Poor IU though;;