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As most of you already know, Nam Taehyun has officially left WINNER 😭 He was my bias and hearing this news this morning with the news about 2NE1's disbandment has gotten me really down today. 😞 The reason he decided to leave was because of his health, which I am pretty sure was really hard for him to make the decision to leave. I hope for the very best for this sweet man. And as I typed this up I tried not to cry. 😒
Just look at this sweet face!!! ❀️
Seeing him smile puts a smile on my face, but right now my heart still hurts πŸ’”
It's gonna be so hard to get used to not seeing him in MVs and hearing his voice in a WINNER song or seeing his face on stage. What matters most is his health and I hope he gets better soon. I love you Taehyun oppa! ❀️😒
His voice is so unique and so beautiful. His song from WINNER'S last album is so touching and now that I've watched it again, I cried my eyes out. I hope for the best for him and I will always support him and will continue to support WINNER. It's a sad day for both Blackjacks and Inner Circle.
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#THANKYOU2NE1 #THANKYOUTAEHYUN #FOREVERBLACKJACK I will support you what ever you do now and I know this is painful now but I promise that I will keep my head up and remember how happy you made me and your fans have been over the years