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There is so much hope for dreams in the Story of Joseph, because it speaks to Dreams and God dreams. It was the dream that got him thrown into the pit and then sold into slavery and it was also the dream that got him out of the prision into the palace. God birthed dreams have the power to do the extreme in our lives. Genesis 41:41-45 it says that the king put Joseph in charge of the land, this is so significant with dreams because so many times we feel like we are dreaming on our own strength power and ideas, but Joseph was put in charge of the land, in the same way we are shephards and stewards of God dreams, He has put us in charge of them. And honour and identity was bestowed upon Joseph He was given the signet ring, this symbolizing family, its so beautiful to see that God gives us dreams not as outside but as family, we are dreaming with and for the father we are partakers in the family vision. And the King boldly said that I AM the King, but nothing will move unless you give word and you allow permission. God gives freedom to dreams by giving room for faith. All this He can do, He can make dreams realities yet still he chooses to make known to us that He is God, but without our effort without our say so, without us giving him access, without us adding some faith to give these dreams flight, nothing will move. So we can dream, dream of big futures and changing the Word and seeing lands and communities restored because we arent dreaming as outsider we are dreaming of co-heir in Christs, given charge over the God dream. How beautiful are Gods Words when He speaks over my dreams saying "The dream is for such a time as this, this is dream making time, i am dreaming with you because you are dreaming My dreams now"❤️💙💚
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