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Heyo! As much as we love our idols I know many of us want to see if we fall into their category of what they consider to be their ideal types. One thing we tend to forget though is that an idol's ideal type can change as often as they change their clothes lol. But let's dive right in and let's look into what Teen Top's ideal types are! And just for fun, I'm going to score myself to their ideal types haha
C.A.P -Someone who can control herself well -Can rap with calm mood -Has a strong personality My personal score: 1/3
Chunji -Long Straight hair -Big eyes with double eyelid -Pleasant smile -Short Height -Bright skin tone My personal score: 4/5 Not to bad! Bonus: -Baby face -Glamorous Body My personal score with bonus: 4/7 (idk if i would consider my face a baby face...)
L. Joe -Short -Can dance well -Loves Jogging -Cute -Innocent -Big Eyes My personal score: 4/6
Changjo -Someone he wants to take care of -Cute -Pretty eye smile -Strong personality My personal score: 3/4 (idk if he would want to take care of me but i'd let him!)
Niel -Someone who looks more like a cat than a dog -Short Hair -Can take care of him well -Older than him -Attractive eye smile -Hope their height looks good with his My personal score: 4/6 (I'm assuming my height looks good with his... hahaha)
Ricky -Someone who can lead him -Can communicate with him well -Loves him a lot -Cute -Pretty eyes My personal score: 3/5
So what do you guys think? Do you match up to anyone's ideal type? I'm no where near C.A.P's ideal type haha but that's okay I'll take my chances with Chunji and Changjo lolol. To be added to the Angel tag list please click >> here << and leave a comment :D Teen Top Supporters @MichalJamerson @AaliyahNewbell @IsoldaPazo @Junhwanbae92 Angel Tag List @KenyaMendoza @sweetnothing34 @VeronicaArtino @MaritessSison @Bangtanss @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @KarenGuerra93 @1KPOPADDICT @ThyaremyCreator @NicoleFireRose B.O.B. Mates ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ @MichalJamerson @AaliyahNewbell @pharmgirlerin @IsoldaPazo @Junhwanbae92 @Sailynn @fruitypoptart @Kolai4 @kolai4 @KpopBeat Other Tags ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @MariaMontoya1 @sugakookies95 @otakukpoper @Saeda1320 @Anna5221 @Mavis2478 @mrsax2018 @KeraDelatorre @Ivonvons @SugaKookieV @SindyHernandez @amberg171997 @DeeNice @YessicaCardenas @KenyaMendoza @AraceliJimenez @ESwee @xoxorittie @resavalencia @VeronicaArtino @PolarStarr @JaxomB @QueenPandaBunny @BabydollBre @CrystalV @AlenaSegura @EverieMisfit @Eli20 @FalseLove @MaelstromVIP @twistedPuppy @Bangtanss @amandamuska @DelaneyDavis Konie crew 2.0 master tag list♡♡ : @NicoleFireRose @PolarStarr @ivyheart13 @JasminMartinez @AimeeH @karinamiranda81 @AaliyahNewbell @Lexxcisco @xxchicharitoxx @Starbell808 @LinnyOk @VeronicaArtino @Jinnyrod3 @ChaHakyum @Ivonvons @dreemer13 @ibMIMI @pharmgirlerin @Lthekid8 @cranberriesmann Konie crew 2.0 Mod Squad ~ @xoxorittie @PrettieeEmm @IsoldaPazo @resavalencia @Sailynn @Junhwanbae92 (Mod)
im short and that's about it lol
I don't know if I fit into any of their types.. 😤
Hmm, I Mostly fit Chunji's Description. The only Thing is that I'm not short. I'm 5'10, but hopefully he can look past that.
I got 3/4 with Changjo. The others I only got 1😂😩