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Alright now if you missed the last chapter click here.... otherwise onward we go...
Sarah heard the door to the apartment open and she walked out of the bathroom and headed to Jenni when this little ball of fur came at her. She yelped. "Panda what is this?" "It's a kitty." Jenni said coming into view. The kitten was purring and Sarah had knelt down and started petting it. "Yea why is it here?" "I found it." "Panda we discussed this, no uncaged pets." "Put it was alone and the box said it was free. I couldn't leave it." Jenni knew Sarah was a softie when it came to animals. She would crumble and say yes to the kitten staying. "Did you get everything you need for it?" "For her...Yes I did." "What's it's name?" Sarah asked "I don't know I haven't thought that far yet. I know it is not panda." "Yeah too many pandas then." Sarah laughed "Oh can we name is Suga?!?! Doesn't she look like it?" Sarah asked Jenni smiled she had got Sarah on board with having the kitty. "Yes! Perfect." Jenni smiled and walked into the kitchen and Sarah followed. Suga started following. "Aww she's so cute!" Sarah gushed "I know I couldn't turn away from her, I'm glad you feel the same way." Jenni said and started showing Sarah everything she got for the kitty. They both ended up on the floor petting the kitty. "Sarah I have a question." Jenni stated "What's up?" Sarah looked at Jenni. "How would you feel about me moving out and moving in with Namjoon?" Jenni waited for her friend to answer. Just staring at her with a hopeful look. Sarah sat there in shock. Her friend had just pulled a huge thing over her head. Finally she answered. She stood up and took a step back. "Sarah?" "I see what this is. You got the cat in preparation to move in with Namjoon. When are you moving next week?" "At the end of the lease. " "I'm so...."tears started to fill her eyes she didn't want to lose her as a roommate at least not yet. "Sarah I think it's time..." Sarah cut her off. "Oh I see! Get rid of me like I'm nothing, this cat was to soften the blow huh?" Sarah turned and walked back to the bathroom. She had let it sit longer than it needed to anyways. She slammed the door shut and locked it. She grabbed the test she left on the counter. Her stomach dropped. "Sarah I'm sorry, I just think me and him are ready to move to the next level of our relationship." Jenni said through the door. Sarah just let the tears roll down her face. How was she going to handle this. She thought something was up but didn't think it really would be this. "Come on don't you want to move in with Kookie." Jenni was trying to get Sarah to say something. Sarah threw the test in the garbage after wrapping it up a few times. She pulled the door open and Jenni was standing there. "Are you that upset over Namjoon and I?" Sarah knew the only reason Jenni was saying his full name was so Sarah knew how serious she was about moving in with him. "No." Sarah said and walked past her friend and went to her room and shut the door. She didn't even turn the lights on and just laid down in her bed. She had to stop crying by the time Kookie got there otherwise he would be worried. Jenni had been worried about Sarah for the last hour she stayed in her room. There was a knock at the door and Jenni went to it. Kookie was there. "Thank god go get her out of there. I think she's really upset over me wanting to move in with Joonie." "Ok." Kookie walked to Sarah's room and knocked then walked in. "Baby?" He asked looking at her bed. There was no sound. He flicked a light on and then saw her laying there with her eyes shut. He smiled and laid next to her on the bed. "Sarah...wake up." He gently said while touching her cheek. She groaned and opened her eyes. "Kookie." She smiled. "Are you ok?" He asked "Yea why?" Sarah sat up a bit to move closer to Kookie. "Jenni thinks your upset about her decision." "I was at first. " Sarah was going to see how Kookie would handle her news. "Kookie I have to tell you something." She said a little uncertain. "What's that?" "I'm pregnant." His facial expression. changed....he went from a smiley face to a dead serious look and the best way she could describe it was a 'oh crap' face. She knew he'd react this watch but sort of wished he didnt. She started to laugh to cover up the pain. "I was kidding." She lightly pushed him. Pretending it was a joke was a good idea. "Oh thank god, I just saw everything fly before my eyes." "Oh you don't want kids?" I asked "No I do but not till later, I want to only worry about my career and you. " He said smiling. "Ah so we need to make sure I don't get pregnant until whenever. " "Well just for now maybe in a year my mind will be set on something different." "Oh ok." For the next hour Sarah and Kookie cuddled but Sarah's mind was all over the place. Finally Kookie left after Namjoon called out to him. "I didn't know Namjoon was here." Sarah said "I think he came after me." Kookie said and started to head out of the room. Sarah followed. Kookie gave Sarah a quick kiss and left with Namjoon. "Jenni." "Yea?" "I have to tell you something and you can't tell anyone, especially Namjoon or Kookie." "Sarah What's wrong?" Jenni said now worrying about her friend.
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Eomma Jin is going to find out.....he seems to know everything. LOL
Dude, Sarah got Jungkook shook af. JungSHOOK.
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I wonder if he'll faint....LOL.....(JHope would)
no..soften Sarah up by showing her soft kitty and then the blow happens....Cuz it did soften her up she wasn't as angry as she would have been...and Kookie doesn't know he knows....he thinks she was just joking
. . . why is it my first reaction was nooo you tell Jenni first πŸ˜‚ but kooki should know first. and um kitty Kat go with Jenni. how that gonna soften up Sarah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ooo she doesn't know that part lol